Before I will start buzzing you with the latest scoops and updates about the upcoming 2010 Pinoy movies.Allow me to discuss something about the divergence between old Filipino films and the Pinoy movies of today.

Filipino movies as you may have noticed, has evolved over the years.For if it did not, the Philippine movie industry won’t have gone this far.

The Classics Filipino Movies

Since I was born in the year 1991, the pinoy movies in the 90’s are those which I could consider to as the Classics.The evolution of the Philippine movie cinema by that point of time is actually on  it’s process.Which is on a  slow pace.This is when notable parts of a Filipino flick was brought up to existence.The parts were you’d actually end up scratching your head for its unnecessariness.Yes, if you guessed it right I’m talking about the scenes when the protagonists starts singing and dancing accompanied by extras looking like retards behind them.The great thing was they dance very well than the protagonists do(obviously they’re hired’m also talking about the very predictable FPJ scene, where he gets beaten first before he throws his super punches and lastly I’m talking about the originally and intellectually written horror movies that well deserves to be categorized as horror.

I don’t know, but the aforementioned genres are so popular those days that there’s just something about them that I really really love.Like, a Filipino comedy in the 90’s won’t be complete without a jingle in the end.A horror movie would be nothing without Aswang, Mananangal, Engkanto on the list.And Blockbuster action can only be defined by Da King.

Filipino Movies under the New Millennium

Old Filipino movies may seem to be very predictable and not that fancy but nevertheless it’s worth watching than some of today’s films.Allow me to coin out some of the Filipino films that I found so awful.First on my list is Dobol Trobol, seconded by another Vic Sotto film entitled LOL (Love On Line), My Monster Mom, Tarot, Nandito ako… Nagmamahal sa ‘yo and more (all of which are mostly GMA Films).However, the Philippine movie industry isn’t dominated by such awful films yet.There are still award-winning mainstream Filipino movies that are really worthy of your watch like Baler, Kimmy Dora, Here Comes the Bride, Dayo, Ang Panday, You to Me Are Everything, Working Girls, Miss You Like Crazy, Paano na Kaya and more.

Moreover, the Filipino Movie industry had widen it’s scope with the birth of Indie Movies.Yes, and I believe these Indie films truly defines ART in Cinematography.Because most of these films depicts REALITY in the country on the truest sense.Most of them might have explicit adult-oriented themes but these films now play an essential role in the reels of pinoy cinema.They even outdo what the mainstream movies (with large cost productions) can.They’re being screened internationally, being competed on movie awards in other countries and some had won prestigious awards like Kinatay, Serbis, Lola and more others.

Final verdict, If you are subscribed to cable channels like Cinema One then I would say you are lucky.It’s where you could all watch old Filipino movies and new ones.Direct to the point, watch pinoy movies not because they’re old or new but because you’re proud of being a Filipino.There might be some inconsistency within these kind of movies but nevertheless it was crafted by pinoy geniuses nobody could ever think of.