Regal Films has prepped up their first horror movie of the year with the working title “White House”.

White House (2010) is an upcoming 2010 Filipino horror movie set in a true haunted house in Baguio City.After the helming Quija, Sundo and some episodes in the Shake Rattle and Roll installments comes another of Topel Lee’s heart-pounding Filipino horror movie masterpiece -White House Movie.

White House boasts for a real documentary feel in it (like Paranormal Activity).Perfectly blended with a reality tv show on the storyline, in one house for five days a group of people will dare to see ghosts, feel ghosts and be haunted for a chance to win one million pesos.

But will the haunting stop? Nobody knows when and where. . .

All locked up inside the Laperal White House.Baguio’s most famous haunted mansion.Built on 1920′s, it was home to the Laperal Family (which members were brutally murdered by Japanese soldiers during World War II).Filled with vengeful ghosts and spirits will they survive?

White House stars Iza Calzado, Lovi Poe, Joem Bascon, Janus del Prado, Megan Young, Mo Twister, Sarah Lahbati, Jairus Aquino, Lui Villaruz, Angel Jacob, Maricar Reyes and Gabby Concepcion! Watch out this October.