Ang Nanay Kong Aswang movie is an upcoming horror comedy flick from Regal Films.Still in production, Filipino director Joel Lamangan is said to helm Ang Nanay Kong Aswang….

Unlike what previous reports had stated, this isn’t actually Carla Abellana’s first movie for she has played an unnecessary aspiring starlet role in the recent Joel Lamangan comedy movie titled Mamarazzi.Talking about Mamarazzi, I was able to watch this just last week and will write a review very soon.(tsk!)

Anyway, the film was originally for the Box Office Comedy Concert Queen Ms. Ai Ai delas Alas’ but due to the hectic schedule Eugene Domingo assumed her role.Also, Eugene was supposed to play Ai ai’s sidekick in the movie but it now appears that she stole the spotlight, while comedienne Rubirubi is casted to assume the sidekick.And there is also this report that Eugene was not able to commit the project , no one knows who’s going to replace her.Although rumors has spread about Pokwang to topbill the movie.The only sure cast of the movie is Carla Abellana for this is supposedly her big screen debut.She will play the first born daughter of a monster (Aswang).The film’s story has already been finished two years ago, now the search is still on for the lead role!

If ever they’ve been intentionally hiding informations about this movie then I must say Regal Films has prepped up for a big surprise but if my predictions are right, this movie might be shelved! Primarily because this was supposed to be Carla Abellana’s first movie but after her silver screen debut on Mamarazzi, things will seem not interesting anymore! Sadly Carla’s movie debut was so awful, it could have gone better if she was introduced on Ang Nanay kong Aswang movie (where her role is on top priority).

Lastly, I’ve been hearing the names of Agot Isidro, Sheena Halili, Rafael Rosell & Roxanne Guinoo to be part of the film.According to an update at Wikipedia the movie’s released date for Ang Nanay Kong Aswang is on September 15, 2010!

Now I’d like to ask who do you think will be Carla’s mother in the movie?