Do you want to know the latest and the biggest movie news from Hollywood? How about exclusive updates about movies on the works and even rumors about upcoming movies? If so you’re right on the place where these things are about to get going. Recently, I launched my  ProjectReview: Becoming a Film Critic as part of my two big announcements on my birthday which I haven’t even started yet.I just launched it just so you know that I will try to become a trying-hard movie reviewer in the near future.Well, this post is actually my second major-major announcement.

From now on, dear readers (if you happen to exist) you will be buzzed with hollywood movie news.The need-to-know, have-to-know movie updates and the most essential information to feed that movie-buff-ego of yours going.

This portion of Pinoy Movie Blog, will be updated regularly.Ha-ha, I just felt the urge of updating this blog daily to keep myself busy online.I’ve been on a hiatus for more almost a month already.But now that I’ll be updating you with the latest entertainment scoops for local and Hollywood movies.I would have lots of things to share!