So this is actually one of the two big announcements I was suppose to tell you guys during my birthday, last September 13.As the title goes, “How to Become a Movie Reviewer?”.You would probably assume that I know a lot of things about being one.Of my months of blogging about movies, watching movies, talking about movies, breathing movies I haven’t written any movie reviews yet.And so, wanting to become a film critic in the near future.I’d like to invite you guys on my journey towards being a real (say reel) critic.It’s actually a project which I call “ProjectReview: Becoming a Film Critic“.

Therefore, If you happen to have gotten here by googling “How to Become a Movie Reviewer or film Critic?“, I apparently don’t have the answers.But if you’d like to, I have some things in mind that might just help you. . .(or might not help you at all).Hey I’m just starting, so please read at own risk!!

1. Watch A lot of Movies!

I always have this in mind, If I want to be a film critic I need to watch movies at least once a day.Which could  either be online or on theaters.I may not catch up with the recent films shown in cinemas because  it will require some time and a lot of money to do that but my lifestyle goes well with watching old Filipino movies and hollywood flicks via Cinema One and Hollywood Movie Cable TV Channels respectively.Besides I can watch them all online.I just don’t have the time yet.Anyway, I’m still a student and I can’t just ask my mom “Hey, gimme extra bucks, Imma goin to watch a movie later!”.Because if I do, she’d slap me!

But I know it’s going to be a good practice to watch at least a movie a day.That way you’d get familiar of storylines, the way directors directs the film, the actors styles in delivering lines and portraying characters.

2. Read Other Reviews

Through reading other movie reviews, you will know a lot of styles in writing a review.A good introduction for example.Some start it with a quote from the movie, some paste the synopsis first before writing their opinions, some start it with a trivia and some really good critics start it with a sentence that is likely to describe a movie as a whole.Just one sentence! Amazing how they constructed those.Maybe, just maybe – If I follow their writing styles I might just create a hybrid of theirs and mine.And probably make scene in the realm of movie reviews someday.

I always envy those who could write movie reviews so well that in the end, I’ll end up either convinced of watching a film or not.But I preferably want to weigh in why or why not to watch a particular film myself.So as not oppose with #1.Again! Watch a lot of movies -even if some reviews suggests you not to.WATCH! WATCH! WATCH!

3. If you want t to be movie critic, you have to be the ‘Villain’

I’ve heard that from someone, or probably read it somewhere. I couldn’t really recall.Although it is not my nature to appear or sound diabolical to people.If you do so,you would perhaps become the worst nightmare any movie buff, director, even actors could ever meet.Which I think is great.I mean, it’s not always nice to be nice on things, especially on movies, actors and directors.You have to know how to hate! There will always be movies that will waste your time and money.Directors and producers who rushes films for the sake of the hell I care.Writers and actors who doesn’t have anything in mind but mediocrity.Why not avenge these with the best chagrin you could ever articulate? Practice the freedom of speech, rant, rave and ramble about how hateful you were.Just a reminder,a villain must be pretty clever so don’t get to the point that you’d be accused of libel.Okay?

I love scaring people though!

4. BE Honest!

Some times you have to admit to yourself with all honesty that the movie you’ve just watched was at its worst.Like before, I just tell people the movie’s nice because I paid for it.I don’t want them to think that I just wasted my money and all that.But honestly,apparently, I did.Now, I realized that they can’t do anything with me saying I hate that goddamn film!

That’s your opinion and yours alone. Let it be, just be brave enough to spill out the worst things in movies.

5. Use Flattery

This is actually a continuation of the #4.If you happen to like the movie you watched.Then use all forms of flattery.If you noticed some movies which are still showing in cinemas release tv teasers to promote their film.And most of these teasers has a quoted “phrase” coming from a review.These are phrases that flatters the heart of the workforce behind a movie.And it is likely to lull anyone from watching the film.If ever they’ll notice your review, then they’ll cite you out.Promote your website/blog as well.That way, you can actually drive traffic to your movie blog and have producers,directors,even actors/actresses as instant readers.

6. Direct to the Point

I like reading straightforward reviews than movie reviews that use “flowery words” or “metaphors”.But it’s sometimes nice to read reviews of which words are not familiar.I mean you will encounter a lot of new words to add to your vocabulary as a movie critic (just by following #2).But always remember to choose the words you use.Don’t even think of bombarding your article with a lot of flowery words or metaphorical phrases because most of your readers may end up asking “What planet are you from?”.

7. You’re a Reviewer not a ‘Major-Major’ Spoiler!

As much as possible your review should be brief (or at least not so lengthy).Don’t get into much of the details of the movie because you might end up  spoiling your readers.Most people who search for reviews doesn’t want to know what the hell happened on the movie.Basically because if ever they’ll watch, it’s not exciting anymore.And they will hate you for that.All they want to know is what you think about the movie! So keep your insights coming rather than narrating the whole story.Discuss at least three memorable events in the movie.

8. Have your own Rating System

Haha.I’m still thinking on what rating system should I implement on my upcoming reviews here.Well “Stars” are very common.Reels? Already saw one blog using them.I wanted to be different from others. . about popcorns?

9. Do a research before watching a film

Before you write you have to watch.But before you watch you are likely to research about a film, watch it’s trailer, read the synopsis, find trivias and all that.It is actually a no-brainer to do all of these.I included it in this list to reach the 10th.

10. Lastly, Take your time!

Writing a review could be very hard for a novice like me.So if you’re a movie reviewer-wannabe, then always take your time on writing a review.It’s going to be tough not only because you are going to criticize films but because your criticisms will get criticized as well.In my case, my thoughts are scattered and my points are weak.So I am likely to publish my reviews late because I need to imbibe myself in a deeper analysis.

10½. Have Fun!! (Need not to explain)

So, that’s my 10 tips on how to become a movie critic.I think those are the basic things to know in order to become a movie critic.That’s it! 😉

If I happen to miss anything or if you want to add any further tips for me please comment below.I’d be grateful if you do so!

Watch out for my reviews in the coming days! The first one is going to be the indie film “Sigwa”.Woot.I’m excited!