The official trailer of Star Cinema’s I Do movie has been released online! Watch I Do Movie Official teaser trailer online.I Do is the highly anticipated mainstream movie team up of Enchong Dee & Erich Gonzales.The details about the movie “I Do” is now getting clearer.The movie actually revolves around two young couples who found great love with each other despite coming from two opposite worlds with contrasting beliefs.

So if you want to watch I Do Movie trailer online! Then you can jump over the trailer below.

Meet Mayumi Punongbayan (Erich Gonzales), a hopeless romantic just like everyone else.Dreaming that one day she finds her one true love! Then came Lance Tan (Enchong Dee).Like most plot Filipino romantic comedy movies has, the relationship between the lead characters will start out with friendship.While Mayumi is on the search for her “the one”.Lance has always been beside her.And sooner, their friendship has gone into a romantic phase.Until it came to the point that they seemed to be ready to get married.But the plan to exchange “I do’s” is impeded by obstacles.Which includes Mayumi’s unexpected pregnancy, objection of Lance’ family to their relationship, Lance’ unreadiness of becoming married and lots more.This lead to several postponements of their wedding.With all of these mishaps happening will they be able to exchange their “I do’s” to each other? Or is it too late?

The movie also stars, Dennis Padilla, Janus del Prado, Nash Agua,Richard Cepeda, Isay Alvarez, Jun Urbano, Eliza Pineda, Alwyn Utingco, Jane Oneiza, Allyson Lualhati, Che Ramos, Joyce So with the special participation of Pokwang.And as mentioned on my previous post about “I Do“, this is the first movie appearance of Melai Cantiveros.Showing on September 29, 2010 in theaters near you!

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