This year, 5 BIG local movie production companies unites for one clashing film.“Ang Agimat ni Enteng” movie which is an entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival this 2010 will be produced by M-Zet, GMA Films, Octo Arts Films, Imus Productions and APT Productions.Agimat ni Enteng is an upcoming Filipino fantasy film uniting two of the biggest stars in the movie industry.Ranking 1st and 2nd on last years’ MMFF 2 actors, 2 directors, 5 movie producers – are joining forces to create ONE heck of a pinoy fantasy movie!

The Agimat ni Enteng movie was previously called “Enteng Agimat” but sharing quite the same title of another upcoming flick from Gma films, “Andong Agimat” I guess they opted for the movie title “Agimat ni Enteng”.After retitling this upcoming flick and buying its rights I just found out recently that they also have changed the movie title for Dingdong Dante’s movie, Andong Agimat into “Ang Mundo ni Andong Agimat” (produced by Viva Films and Unitel Pictures).

Anyway, the movie stars Bong Revilla,Vic Sotto,Barbie Forteza, Joshua Dionisio, Jhake Vargas, Jillian Ward and Sam Pinto.Talking about Sam Pinto, I guess you knew by now that she’s officially a kapuso.In the movie she is reportedly said to play a warrior princess role and is the leading lady of Sen. Bong Revilla.The action adventure film is helmed by directors Mac Alejandre and Toni Y. Reyes.I bet the direction of the film will turn out well because Mac’s “Ang Panday” was great.Nevermind Tony! I was disappointed because Ang Darling Kong Aswang gave me this kind of feeling as if I’m watching a mediocre indie film.I think with Bong and Vic having gone under the directorial talents of Mac Alejandre and Tony Reyes, working the film has got to be easy.

There has not been any movie plot, synopsis, trailer or poster about the movie.But as you can see, we’ve got our hands on a still from the movie.

The characters each cast will portray hasn’t been officially stated or released yet but with few sources both online and offline here are some exclusive tidbits (say rumors) about the movie.

Sam Pinto – will play as a warrior princess.
Vic Sotto – counterpart of Bong as he visits Engkantadia for help.(Yes! he might reprise his role as Enteng Kabisote because rumors says that the producers are looking for someone who could play Faye).
Joshua Dionisio – an engkanto who’s in love with a vampire.
Barbie Fortaleza – rumor says, Barbie’s going to be a vampire in the movie.
Bong Revilla – This could be a spin off to the 2002 movie Ang Agimat: Anting Anting ni Lolo but with a different story or setting.He could either play a new role (perhaps another warrior with a freakin’ name) or reprise his role as Paolo (A powerful amulet-wearing warrior).

I do not intend to spoil or to make a principal claim about what the movie is going to be like.I am though speculating that these might happen.Accompanied by circulating rumors which is currently on fire.It could end up just like that, but we never know?! Anyway, that’s how most pinoy movies are! What’s the word again? Predictable.But then, to whether it’s going to be a spin-off or a new story, the movie still sounds interesting.

Now, let me say this to anyone behind the production of Agimat ni Enteng movie – on behalf of the whole F ilipino moviegoerss and Asian movie buffs across the globe.Please, Surprise us!

Image Credit: Au Mendoza (Twitpic Account)

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