Dagaw is an upcoming suspense horror movie topbilled by Richard Gutierrez.It is directed by the acclaimed Filipino movie director, Chito S. Roño.Dagaw movie tells the story of a group of vacationist and their bizzare encounter with a doppelganger in an island. The title means “Shadow” in Waray.To be produced by GMA Films, Dagaw is yet another hair-raising Filipino horror movie account.But the only thing I have gripe about is that GMA Films may not be releasing any horror films this year.Yeah, they has got to be kidding me too!

Dagaw MovieLast year, they were able to produce only two Horror films which are Sundo and Patient X.But the fact that as of writing this, 2 of their upcoming horror films are actually slated for release on 2011! Why is that? But that is according to IMDB.But then, we never know? GMA might just join the race of producing Filipino horror movies this year together with Regal Films (White House), Viva (Tumbok) and Star Cinema (Dalaw).Especially that their rival film outfit, Star Cinema, will be releasing a horror movie with a one word “title” movie that sounds quite the same with their “Dagaw Movie”.

Dagaw also stars Jewel Mische, Sunshine Dizon , Marvin Agustin, Paolo Bediones , Epi Quizon , Bianca King , Luis Alandy, Mon Confiado, Will Devaughn and Dominic Roco.

The movie was supposedly slated to release a few years back.Yes! It was even Dingdong Dantes who was chosen  to play the role who is now going to be played by Marvin.Then came more replacements for the said character, from Dingdong to Ryan Agoncillo to Dennis Trillo, Jericho Rosales and Diether Ocampo.Jewel Mische on the other hand will be Richard’s lading lady in the movie.This is Jewel’s debut film!

Since the climax of the movie will happen in an island.The whole production staffs of Dagaw went to Caramoan island in Camsur, Bicol to shoot the film.

I think, this movie is going to be great.Not only because Chito S. Rono is directing, also not because of the powerhouse kapuso cast, but because the story itself is unique.The last time I heard of a story featuring a doppelanger was actually in my novel (which I’m still working on up to now, entitled Creatures).lols.But really, I’d be expecting much about this movie.By this point of time, I think they’realready done working with the movie.The last update about this movie was 3 years ago.For unknown reasons, they just temporarily shut down the movie for 3 years now!

Watch out for this movie anytime this year (or perhaps next year) because the photos below are proof that Director Chito S. Rono has been working on the film. (Photo credits: Director of Tumbok: Neil Daza)