dalaw movie kris aquinoDalaw is an upcoming horror suspense movie about a woman being framed for murders she didn’t commit.It is topbilled by Kris Aquino and is an entry to the 36th Metro Manila Film Festival.The new 2010 movie Dalaw is produced by Cine Media and will be distributed by Star Cinema and Directed by Jerry Lopez Sineneng.This is actually the 3rd MMFF 2010 movie wherein Star Cinema is in any way affiliated to.Alongside Star Cinema’s official movie entry to the 2010 MMFF, Ang Tanging Ina Mo Rin (Last na To!) and the highly anticipated Philippines First ever 3D Animated CGI Film – RPG Metanoia Movie, now comes a suspense thriller film entitled “Dalaw“.

Update: Here’s the first look of Dalaw Movie!

It was just today that I’ve learned about that Star Cinema’s actually doing this movie project.I mean, they might not be the producer but as distributors, and with their name attached to the movie – Dalaw is going to be highly anticipated.Cine Media on the other hand is the film outfit representing the movie “Dalaw” in the MMFF (so as not to confuse with Star Cinema’s Ang Tanging Ina Mo rin and Abs-cbn film Productions for RPG Metanoia).This is not the first time that Star Cinema has paired up with Cine Media, they actually first paired for the indie film, “Noy”.So obviously it’s the second time!

Based on earlier reports, the movie is supposed to include Mariel Rodriguez, Valerie Concepcion and Coco Martin on the cast.But unfortunately their characters were shelved for several reasons and one of which is the timely revision of the script.Now, the only sure cast of the movie are Kris Aquino and Diether Ocampo (who is going to play as Kris’ husband).As of October 1, 2010 Kris said that they’re still auditioning for the role of her daughter in the movie.And for that, I assume they’ve got a child star to play the role by now.Because if not, they must have missed their first shooting day which is according to Kris Aquino on October 11, which was apparently just yesterday.It is said to have been calendared for 36 days of shooting, giving them enough time to submit their entry before the deadline.

Personally, I think this movie is going to do bigtime in the MMFF.Although the title Best Actress is up for grabs but with Kris Aquino starring on a horror movie which is apparently her forte (as proven on her commercially successful horror movies,such as Feng Shui and Sukob ).What else would you expect?

If you’re a movie buff like me or perhaps just a typical Filipino moviegoer, the first time you’d hear of this movie you are likely to be reminded of another horror movie sharing the same title with it – which was last years’ Dalaw by Regal Films and Pixel8 Entertainment Production.Your first initial reaction would be like “Hey, I thought that was already shown last year? With Katrina Halili on the lead role right?”.Even if you google “Dalaw”, movie posters and all about the 2009 movie Dalaw is going to be introduced to you.Why are they sharing the same title? Why would Star Cinema/Cine Media name it just like that of last years’ Dalaw movie? Why is that? The answer is simple.Now to stop the confusion allow me to remind you that last years’ Dalaw topbilled by Katrina Halili is actually an indie film.I’m not sure how copyright works on movies but all I’m sure about is that on mainstream movies they register and buy the rights of movie titles.So given that Dalaw (2009) is an indie film – there’s nothing to be confused at all.

There is no official synopsis or plot for the movie yet.But Kris Aquino tweeted about her role and I quote “A woman being framed for murders she didn’t commit. A woman fighting for the love & life of her child.”She also hinted in one of her interviews that “Si Diet, he is my husband. He is my evil husband. But, he’s not really evil. Basta, surprise!”

So here ends my post! But still I’ve still got a couple of questions in mind. Why did they pursued with the movie title “Dalaw”? Why is Diether going to be an evil husband and why her daughter’s role in the movie is so important? So I think, we’ll see what this movie is going to be about in the coming days! Keep updated, be on the know! Subscribe now and fill up the email form below.