Petrang Kabayo is one filipino comedy film you shouldn’t miss! That’s precisely what most teasers are going to tell you in the end.B ut for me, it’s definitely one good phrase to start my Petrang Kabayo movie review. Many of you may have been asking yourself “Is Petrang Kabayo really worth the watch?” Now to whether it is or not, simply read on to find out!!

Peter Kasimsiman(Vice Ganda/Makisig Morales) was once a submissive son to his parents. But losing his mother at a tender age, left him with an abusive father who only knew of tending to his carriage horse, Brown Beauty. Peter is eager to win the love and attention of his indifferent Tatay. But an unfortunate incident forces him to run away from home.

His horrible life starts to change its course when he meets the nurturing haciendera Helena(Eugene Domingo) who provides him shelter and unconditional affection he knew his father would never be able to give. Helena teaches Peter love and kindness, grooming him as the sole heir to the hacienda in the event of her death. Albeit fueled with the guidance of the good-natured foster mother, who’s known for her passionate concern for her employees, Peter has an intolerable bad temper especially towards her mother’s loyal servant, Maita and the latter’s beautiful and gifted daughter, Samantha(Sam Pinto). Peter’s almost perfect life is threatened as people from the hacienda adore the beauty and goodwill of Samantha. These include the estate’s striking horse trainer, Erickson, the good-looking veterinarian, Dickson and even the trusted estate horse, Sylvester. Add the unwanted presence of his long-lost sister, Peter’s life seemed like an everyday living hell.

Little did Peter know that Diobayo(Eagle Riggs), the Goddess of Horses, watches every move he makes as he grows oblivious to other people and the surrounding horses’ needs. To teach Peter a painful lesson, Diobayo cursed him transforming him into the horse, Petra, whenever he acts surly and proud.

Will Peter choose to continue his grumpy personality? Or will he be able to use his ‘horse instinct’ to change for the better?

Review: Petrang Kabayo is a lip-smacking comedy movie. O’ Hail the would-be Goddess of Comedy (Nahh..I mean Horses!), Vice Ganda. He has definitely revived and elevated the getting-hackneyed pinoy one liners and punchlines with his great horsepowers and crazy comedy antics.His sarcastic one liners are much awaited.I was even told to shut up by my cousin because Vice’s lines although quite predictable can “really really” make you twist your stomach out of great laughter. His lines were thrown nonstop, straightforward and without any shade of euphemism and that’s precisely what makes Petrang Kabayo a comedy movie.

The story might not have been intellectually written since Petrang Kabayo is a remake; It is in other words a rush film.But the changes were good enough and at some point believable.Another good thing about the movie is the lack of romantic subplot, although in irony the only way to break the curse was a true love’s kiss.Unlike in Mamarazzi, no unnecessary character was played just to claim that the movie has a powerhouse cast(I’m referring to Carla Abellana’s role in Mamarazzi).All the characters were essential for Petra to deliver his sarcastic lines.With the full blown and witty acts of Vice Ganda alone, Petrang Kabayo is definitely the comedy movie of the year! (some casts were just instruments though).Luis Manzano’s character although has this OA-ness did well in the movie and so with Abby Bautista(Pauleen – Peter’s sister) gave her best shot and her “Dahil Maganda Ako!” scene really works!

There are, however, some scenes which would suddenly make you ask yourself “Did they cut the film?”.In other words it has a bad composition of the scenes apparently because it’s one heck of a rushed film.There’s also an inconsistency in film quality like in some scenes the video and the lighting seemed like you’re watching a teleserye or an indie film.Don’t feel bad, the film still feels solid overall. The film is funny as hell you couldn’t care less about what-the-hell-this-film-lacks and to my final verdict, Petrang Kabayo is as funny as a barrel of donkeys!

P.S: I recommend you to watch the film because it’s really worth your time and money as well!