RPG Metanoia as you probably know it, is the First Philippine full length CG-Animated feature film in 3D.After the highly anticipated grand online debut of RPG Metanoia trailer, have you ever wondered who are those people alongside the lead character?

Now meet the characters of RPG Metanoia movie! I’m sure by now, you knew already how the characters of this movie looks like? But the question is, do you really know who they are and what they do in the movie? If you don’t, then you’re in the right place because we’re about to unravel the list of RPG Metanoia characters with their official descriptions.But if you knew already then we suggest you to just jump over this page because we’ve got lots of pinoy movie updates just for you!! Now to find out who and what the other characters are, read on movie buffs!

So here’s the list of RPG Metanoia Movie Characters:

Nico of MetanoiaNico – As introduced in the trailer, Nico (Zaijan Jaranilla) is just an average kid doing pretty average things.But in Metanoia, he is AWESOME!!! He is cursed with atrocious hand and eye coordination, and born with two left feet, shy and timid Nico often feels unsure about his place in the world.He finds courage and affirmation during his afternoon on-line gaming sessions with his friends where, MMORPG, he gets to live out his dreams as a kick-butt swashbuckling hero!

Zero – Nico’s avatar ZERO is a Vagabond Traveler: a mysterious individual who wanders from town to town and claims not to be

looking for trouble but always seems to find it.Due to its shabby appearance, this is probably not the most popular character class among METANOIA gamers, but Nico’s affinity to it stems from the fact that the vagabond’s strength lies in being overlooked, underestimated, and having virtually nothing to lose, hence the name ZERO.Armed with his unique magical yoyo (which happens to be one of a few powerful secret items planted in the game by METANOIA’s developers), uncanny speed, agility, and unpredictability factor (a trait unique to this character class), ZERO is one of the most dangerous avatars in METANOIA.

Sargo – the enigmatic lone avatar known as Sargo is a pool shark.The pool shark class is evolved from the basic template of a Vagabond traverler, so Sargo is actually a logical progression of what Nico’s avatar zERO could eventually become.With his battle-cue and his prodigious ability to place targets where he wants them to be, Sargo has fought, his way out of countless bar brawls resulting from pool hustles gone sour.Fighting alone, with an allegiance to no one, Sargo will break anyone who gets in his way.He is not to be trusted.

Mark – Mark believes everything his mother tells him. At some point she told him that he was pogi and that girls will go gaga over him. His barkada likes him though his futile attempts to get girls to notice him are constant source of comedic entertainment for them.

Ahdonis – In keeping with his vain, egocentric delusions, Mark’s avatar Ahdonis just had to be a folk hero.Folk Heroes are warriors of stern moral (not in this case though) and physical fortitude who live only to do battle in the service of those in need.A fold Hero’s strength is derived from and is directly proportional to the accolades he receives as his legend grows.Ahdonis is armed with a pair of customized arnis sticks; heavy battle staffs crafted from a rare and near indestructible type of wood reinforced with iron, magic and by the wielder’s confidence.Tattoed to his chest is a special tribal symbol that gives him limited invulnerability, which takes the damage from his EXP point instead of his health.To this day, he still hasn’t figured out why he hasn’t leveled up yet.

Daniel – Daniel is the quintessential strong and silent type.He rarely says anything, but action speaks volumes.Though he’s the most athletically able of the bunch, he’d rather bury his head in a sudoku puzzle book while the others goof around.Ironically,the others tend yo look to Daniel for the last word before deciding, on anyh course of action.

K’MAO – Daniel’s avatar K’MAO is a CHI Master.He’s a member of an elite group of powerful martial-arts practicioners from the mystic-east, who can manipulate their chi into an array of highly effective attacks.Three most common chi attacks are: Rock- channeled through a fist, the chi is released in one powerful explosive attack that can blow a huge hole in a wall or blast through a platoon.Paper -an open hand casts a wide wall of force that can momentarily deflect incoming attacks.Scissors – through the index and middle fingers, CHI is concentrated into tight energy beam that can cut or punch through solid objects.

Bryan – Bryan is the de facto leader of the barkada and Nico’s best buddy.Smart, tough and confident, he looks out for the members of his group, always ready to step in to defend them at the first sign of trouble.

Mang Ernie –  Bryan’s game avatar is a spiritist turned monster hunter; a rogue shaman in training who sells his occult skills and monster tracking expertise to the highest bidder.His primary weapons of choice are an extra-dimensional top hat and a portable, collapsible, multi-element, projection and deflecting device which looks suspiciously like an ordinary umbrella.

Bobby – Bobby stutters a lot but is a loyal and stalwart friend.Literally the biggest geek in the group, he keeps everyone constantly updated on all things Metanoia.

Sumpak – Sumpak, Bobby’s game avatar is a weapon-smith.Weapon Smiths are brilliant machinists specializing in crafting custom weaponry.Depending on the user’s preferences, a weapon-smith can carry an assortment of custom built weapons.Sumpak’s arsenal: Rocket-barrel- a wooden carried like a back pack which houses multiple rapid deploying cannon mounts that fire middle to long range munitions.Bamboo Cannons – gunpowder loaded, iron-reinforced cannons that fire steel or explosive projectiles.Forging Hammer – a weapon-smith’s badge of office, forging hammers are not only good for pounding white hot metal into shape, they’re also found to be quite effective in bashing opponent’s heads during a fight.

May – May is every school boy’s dream girl.She is smart, pretty,funny, and can down five consecutive three-point shots without breaking a sweat.Sure, she can run rings around boys her age and probably put bullies twice her size in a head-lock, but underneath her tomboyish rough and tumble exterior is a deeply sensitive, caring individual who only wants to fit in.

C4SS4NDR4 – May’s avatar C4SS4NDR4 (Cassandra) is a Beast Master.Gifted with unnaturally high charisma levels, she easily inspires the loyalty of most odd creatures found in Metanoia, and is rather protective to them.Thanks to her animal totem trinkets, she can access a host of useful creature attributes, like speed, agility, and limited flight.When in a tight spot, she can generate an energy shield to form a full-body exo-skeletal armor, or summon her giant spider bodyguard Jolens.

As you can notice, Nico (the protagonist) has two looks.First, him as Nico (the average boy) and him as his avatar (Zero).I wish I could provide the actual appearance 0f May, Bobby, Bryan, Daniel and Mark but only their avatars are available.But just like Nico’s case, the only difference you can see between him and his avatar is the hair.So if ever the people behind the avatars C4SS4NDRA, K’MAO,SUMPAK,MANG ERNIE and Ahdonis won’t be shown in the movie (for they might appear as their characters already).There’s actually nothing to be confused of, because they are likely to look almost exactly like their avatars.As for Sargo, he’s a lone avatar which means he doesn’t have any owner.

So we will be updating this list by the time the full official theatrical trailer of Rpg Metanoia will debut.There are so much news and informations to follow on this movie.Some essential characters might come out anytime, esp the characters that will be dubbed by Vhong Navarro, Eugene Domingo and Aga Muhlach in the movie.So be on the know! Check this post from time to time to check out something new!

(Photos and official descriptions are courtesy of http://theRPGmovie.com/)