Who told you Regal Films and Star Cinema are the only film outfits to produce a horror movie this year? No one right? Then consider the upcoming horror film from Viva Films.After the successful week of Viva’s first sole movie offering of the year, “Petrang Kabayo“; is yet another film starring a kapamilya –  one of the primetime princess, Christine Reyes.

Tumbok is an upcoming horror movie by Viva Films.Topbilled by Christine Reyes, as of today, it is only JC De Vera who is included in the stars list.Tumbok movie is a story of survival inside a hotel filled with vengeful spirits.The story starts when a reality show entitled “Pinoy Scariest Challenge” suffers from dipping ratings.  To bounce back in the game, they decide to shoot a celebrity edition in an abandoned hotel known for being a vortex of restless spirits. The hotel stands in the middle of three roads, that of which they call “tumbok.”  The celebrities who agreed to join each have their motive of joining. The producers think that the combination of the participants is enough to spur intrigue and controversy that could boost ratings.

Despite warnings of a clairvoyant, the producers proceed to shoot the episode. It becomes a reality show gone bad. The participants are possessed by the evil spirits making them kill each other.  Everything is captured on camera and the producers have no way of reversing the situation.

The participants fall like flies. Only two characters are left alive. They struggle to leave the place but as they do, evil catches up and kills them. This sets the evil spirits free. The spirits left inside the house are the new tenants of the hotel standing on what’s called “tumbok.”

Despite the catchy title which sounds as if the movie is going to be a Filipino bold movie.The movie’s story is likely being copied from the recent horror flick “White House“, which also has the reality tv show element in the story but with the very fact that Tumbok was supposedly for release last year, around September 2009.Then it turns out that the movie ‘White House’ might have been written overnight! Well anyway, personally I was moved by Christine Reyes’ acting prowess on this genre, horror.With the Yam Laranas film she made last year which is Patient X, I’m sure that now as a “prey” I’d enjoy watching Christine Reyes running on the hallways of a hotel while being chased by possessed humans.

Watch out for Tumbok movie this year! Directed by Neil Daza.Probably slated for release on November 2010! 🙂