The full official theatrical trailer of the much awaited 1st Filipino 3D animated film, RPG Metanoia movie has been released! Uploaded a few hours ago on Star Cinema’s Youtube channel – you can now Watch Rpg Metanoia Official Trailer Online.This is perhaps one of the coolest pinoy movies around.Rpg Metanoia is part of this years Metro Manila Film Festival and will be shown on Christmas Day in Theaters nationwide.

RPG Metanoia The Story

Massively multi-player on-line role playing games, or MMORPGs for short, are all the rage. Create a hero, give it a name, determine its gender, race, skill-set, and you’re ready to go on youur own grand epic adventure. Gain friends, make enemies, go on quests, venture into strange unexplored territries – everything you do, is driven by one underlying purpose: gain enough experience to achieve your character’s ultimate potential.

The irony of it all is that while you’re sitting in front of your computer, doing all these great and unvbelievable things, you yourself gain no real experience of your own, no closer to unlocking your own true potential. Though you’ve leaped through flames, romanced beautiful maidens and slain dragons, in the real world, you’ve still got chores to do, your crush still thinks you’re a goof and the neighborhood bullies still treat you like a door mat. Welcome to Nico’s world.

Nico’s humdrum daily existence simply cannot compete with the fantasy life he leads in the world’s most popular MMORPG-METANOIA! As the swashbuckling vagabond Zero, together with his friends: the enterprising spiritist Mang Ernie, renegade chi-master K’mao, apprentice weapon-smith Sumpak, folk hero Ahdonis, and beast master Cassandra, they eplore Metanoia’s vast virtual landscape in search of untold on-line fortune and glory!

When a malevolent force surfaces and threatens to consume everything they hold dear, the fate of two worlds fall upon the shoulders of one very unlikely champion. One who must first find a way to burst out of his shell and discover the true hero within – before its too late!

You can watch the rpg Metanoia Trailer Here!