So what is it with the indie movie “Showboyz” that it’s actually one of the most controversial filipino indie film ever existed since 2009? I assume you have been trying to watch Showboyz pinoy indie movie online yet you end up reading this.But don’t get disappointed! Don’t hit back you’ll get nothing either.We’ve got it all served for you, so just keep on reading.

Showboyz is another pinoy gay-themed digital film produced by Sinehan Digitales Productions and Queeriosity Video Project.It is topbilled by the comeback actor from the 90’s Toffee Calma, the controversial hunk actor who offered a real O**l scene, Kristoffer King (Serbis), John Miller, Topher barretto, Tami Ballesteros, Seff Posadas and Archie de Calma.

The movie is dubbed as “happiest macho dancing movie ever”.From that we are likely to get an idea that the story’s setting is inside a gay bar.As for the plot/synopsis: Jeminai, (Toffee Calma)a gay impersonator of a dying gaybar who known to be the jinx of the bar he’s been supervising with his boyfriend Cris (Kristoffer King) as his macho dancer boyfriend whose unfortunately become impotent that’s they both having a “hard time” with their relationship and the sales of the bar. Til they met Topher(Topher Barretto) a naive promdi whose searching for his childhood friend, and every gray things became colored.The movie tells about the story of inside a gay bar, and the other side of some macho dancers.

It was just now that I’ve heard of this indie film.I’m really not an indie film buff myself.Especially not this kind of films.However out of curiosity and this “I just have to” thing – I watched the trailer.Unlike any other indie film you might be searching “Showboyz” doesn’t have lots of erotic and steamy scenes in it.It might have some few but I think what made this film controversial and most searched is that it has a moving story.With people, especially bi and gays going out on clubs and gay bars they will surely ask themselves how does this “macho dancer” live? What kind of life do they have? How about the bar owner? and the like.This is a movie that tackles not only homosexuality but the kind of LIFE these male club dancers have – in REAL LIFE!

Written and Directed by Crisaldo Pablo.Watch Showboyz Pinoy Indie Film Trailer here.I know you really want to watch Showboyz movie now,I’m sorry to tell but only screencaps are available at the moment, alongside it’s trailer which can be watched on Youtube.We will update you if the indie film is available with links below or better yet enter your email address below and so we could update you!