This is perhaps the last MMFF 2010 movie to release some information about the entry itself.Father Jejemon movie is an upcoming comedy movie topbilled by the comedy king, Dolphy.Also starring in the movie are Cherrie GilMaja Salvador, Vandolph, Epi Quizon, Efren Reyes, Tony Mabesa, Nash Aguas ,Ejay Falcon, Rhap Salazar, Moymoy Palaboy, Roadfill and Roy Alvarez.

Oh, no! This could mean like Dolphy’s movies are going to be part the film festival every year.While I have due respect for Dolphy and salutes him for his wit.I, say we, must all admit that his passed few films were mediocre additions to his all time laugh-out-loud comedy movies.Yes! I’m talking about RVQ’s shamefully helmed Dobol Trobol and Nobody Nobody But Juan.Again, Dolphy needs to have a comedy movie which doesn’t look or on the very least doesn’t sound as rushed as “Nobody Nobody But Juan”.A movie with a better story than the so-acclaimed “BIGGEST” team up movie of Dolphy and Vic Sotto in Dobol Trobol.A movie with a compelling story and was not make to attract Jejemons.Plus a movie with a good poster and a trailer (Will post them after this!)

Just because Wonder Girls’ “Nobody Nobody But You” was a hit in 2009, and so as Wowowee – someone got to do a movie about it.And this year,the term “Jejemon” became a major hit and let me ask you what is this Father Jejemon they just did? C’mon for Pete’s Sake this sounds as bad as the other films and after watching the trailer.I was like, even Maja Salvador doesn’t belong in here.It could have gone better if she was part of a horror flick.Why? Because she might end up like Heart Evangelista (Nobody Nobody but Juan) – just like a wallflower.

Well, I have nothing against the movie though, basically because it’s a Dolphy movie, based on the trailer the story is quite moving and it hasn’t been released yet.But do they really have to name it after some word which came out of the blue? I thought “Father Jejemon” is just the title but that’s how they call Dolphy in the film – Father Jejemon.What an awful name! jeJeJe!

If there’s anything that interests me to watch this film? It’s how they Jejemonized the whole film – like how can you incorporate the jejEmon LaNgUag3 wh!ch iz wRiTten !n TxTs into Speech?? We’ll see Father Jejemon opens on Christmas Day.