This MMFF 2010 season, I am going to watch the movie Shake Rattle and Roll 12 because Christmas without some shaking, rattling and rolling frightfulness could be entirely boring.I know there are great upcoming films like Si Agimat at Si Enteng Kabisote who boasts for stunning visuals, RPG Metanoia – that is the country’s first ever 3D film and perhaps the last installment of Ai Ai Delas Alas’ “INA” movie franchise but if ever I’ll miss this childhood movie who opened my mind into the world of scaredy-catiness I think I’m going to have a merry boring Christmas.

Way back on my childhood days, I always make it to a point to get home early to watch a free horror movie in Abs-cbn every Thursdays.Yes! as far as I could remember there was this one week before All Saints Day (I guess) – that they aired a somewhat “Shake Rattle and Roll” movie marathon and not a single day passed by without me watching one of it’s a little kid, around 3 pm, my parents always tells me not to go out.They say it’s because some unseen malevolent forces are roving the streets when 3pm strikes.So instead of going outside, I stay inside watching horror movies and since we don’t have cable back then I cannot choose what genre to watch.But if it’s not a horror movie day – then I rather sleep.I love horror more than any movie genre.I love it because I like scaring friends in as much as I love scaring

And now that I’m in College, I still make it to a point that I will be able to watch Shake Rattle and Roll 12.WAHH..(this is live blogging by the way and it’s 11:49 – minutes left before the years MMFF, there are actually 2 MMFF movies, SRR and the other is Dalaw.I would also love to watch Dalaw but I think SRR will come first! Basically because it makes me feel nostalgic of my childhood days.Haha!

Despite the fact that the posters of Shake Rattle and Roll 12 are not engrossing and the trailer lacks some real good frights – I guess I would have to watch the movie first before concluding anything.

In as much as I wanted to watch all the MMFF 2010 movies for free! I honestly can’t because I still rely on my Mom’s pocket just to even see one.Ha-ha! But with’s “Yes, I will Watch MMFF 2010 Movie Contest” – I am hoping that I will be able to watch them all this Christmas! As for my ever favorite movie – “Shake Rattle and Roll 12”, I guess I will just keep some silver on my twenty peso baon until the Christmas break.awts!

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