In a recent interview done by Napoleon Quintos for Push, Derek Wenn Deramas the MMFF Best Director revealed plans of co-producing a spoof parody of James Cameron’s Avatar with Ms. Ai ai delas Alas.It has the working title “Ai ai Vatar: Ang original Blue Baby” and will also be co-produced by Ai ai. However, Direk Wenn clarified that nothing is yet final regarding the movie venture.

Derek Wenn have been polishing some scenes for his upcoming 2011 romantic comedy movie “Who’s that Girl“. And after that he will be off for vacation which I think he badly needs. The idea of having a spoof parody of Avatar might have been triggered by all the stress he had for consecutively shooting different films and with the pressure given to him for being a box office director. Not that I didn’t like the thought of parodying a hollywood flick. I mean, it’s kind of a relief from the disgusting romcoms at least. However, the thought of parodying Avatar sounds just ambitious, vague and stupid!

Really? Avatar? We don’t even have the technology for that but well, this is a parody and it’s Wenn Deramas! So don’t expect much. Hahaha

This is the Navi version of Ai-ai! LOL

Ai ai vatar

Just hours ago, I did a little research on pinoy-spoofed Hollywood films and found out that spoofing hollywood movies had been prevalent here in the Philippines since the 1970’s.In fact, most are topbilled by Redford White (No wonder, he’s white!).One of his movies was He-Man, which is actually a sci-fi action film.Now if ever, “Ai ai Vatar: Ang original Blue Baby” (which ought to be sci-fi) will push through I hope they will be able to make the story work! And perhaps, relive glory days of spoofing hollywood flicks.

What do you think??