After weeks of speculating on what and how the story of Bulong Movie would be like – finally Star Cinema has unleashed the official website of Bulong.

Bulong Official Synopsis:

Filipinos believe that whispering to the ears of the dead will make your wish come true. Conan (Vhong Navarro) tries this mantra, being desperate for Ellen’s love. He whispers to a dead lady his heartache-how he wishes something unusual is happening: Ellen is now noticing him, giving him more than the attention he wants. In fact, Ellen is now obsessed with him, throwing herself at him. This makes Conan uncomfortable and scared.

But Ellen’s giving him special attention is not the only unusual thing Conan notices: something eerie has been happening to him, giving him the chills, especially when he’s alone. At first he tries to disregard it, until he realizes that the spirit haunting him is the spirit of the old lady he whispered his wish to. Conan can’t take the haunting anymore and so he asks for the help of his former best friend Oprah (Angelica Panganiban). Together they travel to the province of Mada, Kara, Oprah’s old aunt who is an expert on Black Magic. As they travel together, Conan and Oprah’s feelings for each other awaken. But this makes the haunting worse, and conan begins to feel guilty as the spirit starts to disturb Oprah too.

When they arrive at Madam Kara’s house, the old lady pities Conan and explains to him the real story: The dead woman was a mangkukulam. Conan is now tasked to complete the unfinished buiness of the dead mangkukulam before it’s too laate. Conan gets more terrified. And as Madam Kara explains what he should do, Conan hesitates. Is it worth going through the trouble to end the haunting?

From the director who gave us Feng Shui and Sukob, Chito Rono is back with another thrille seeker,spine tingling film about true love, selfish wishes and the horror these all bring. Bulong!

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I never thought Bulong would tackle about True love! It’s a Valentines movie anyway.Now, spend your Valentines by whispering your loved ones to watch Bulong and you will definitely get closer (even closer than what you imagines) because of the terrifying moments and scenes in the movie.Opens Feb. 2, 2011 – in theaters nationwide.