Star Cinema has released the official movie poster of  their upcoming horror comedy movie “Bulong”.Bulong movie stars Vhong Navarro and Angelica Panganiban.Also starring Bangs Garcia, Angie Ferro, Jon Avila, Eda Nolan, Ruben Gonzaga, Carm Sanchez, Mosang, Joy Viado, Mel Kimura, Manuel Aquino, Gian Terry.Introducing Teddy Corpuz with the special participation of Sylvia Sanchez, Neri Naig, Marissa Sanchez and Lara Morena.

Bulong Poster

Bulong Poster

In the poster, even though their facial expressions shows that they’re somewhat scared – they looked funny together.The movie bulong has got to be funny at the same time frightful! What is – it’s a Chito S. Rono film.

Trivia: There’s going to be a scene where the morgue is caught on fire and Angelica and Vhong was inside; no doubles! 😉

The motif of the poster is black & shades of green; I think it’s Chito Rono’s favorite or was it just coincidental that his last Star Cinema film T2 had actually the same color motif for the poster and all? And oh, who’s that face in the center? It looks like a wicked witch.

Watch the cinematic trailer of Bulong below: