When blockbuster movie maker Star Cinema ended 2010 with triple triumph, it’s guaranteed to open 2011 with an equally big bang with the new movie Bulong!

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Bulong is directed by master storyteller Chito S. Roño who gave us horror gems Feng Shui, Sukob and T2. This grand new year opener stars the exciting new combination of Vhong Navarro and Angelica Panganiban. The two movie stars both possess an undeniably strong audience pull in the comedy department. reflected from Vhong’s continual reign as the Comedy Prince with a string of blockbusters under his belt from Mr. Suave to D’Anothers. Angelica meanwhile proved her mettle in the laugh wagon with the success of Here Comes the Bride (one of last year’s biggest box-office winners) and in Bananasplit for which she was recognized as the 2009 PMPC Star Awards for Best Comedy Actress.

Star Cinema makes a daring move by fielding a movie that veers away from the romantic concoctions that usually spring up come February. Bulong has already made noise with its trailer alone that it mixes the scary and thrilling with the hilarious.

The movie leans on a certain folklore belief that your wish can come true when you whisper it to a dead person. Therefore here is a movie that tells you to ‘Be careful with what you wish for…You might just get…More than what you ask for’.

Without a single doubt, everybody will be filled with eerie enthusiasm to find out on the first week of February what awaits us all should we decide to whisper our wishes to the departed! And nothing but Star Cinema will tell us the answer when Bulong shouts the answer beginning February 2, 2011 in cinemas all over the country!

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