A very reliable source confirmed the new title of Aga Muhlach and Angel Locsin’s upcoming romantic movie which was first reported to be “Huling Sayaw“.It has been retitled into “Embrace Me” which will star Aga Muhlach, Angel Locsin and Jake Cuenca of course.Also in the cast is Ryan Eigenmann, Dimples Romana, Bobby Andrews and Smokey Manaloto.It is directed by Olive Lamasan and produced by Star Cinema.Swaying it’s way to the spotlight “Embrace Me” is slated for release this 2011!

The movie Embrace Me marks Aga Muhlach’s comeback movie after 3 years(who’s last film was “When Love Begins”).He may have been part of last year’s RPG Metanoia but it was only his voice that was featured because we all know that it’s an animated film after all.The 41 years old Matinee idol will dance his way into the big screen together with the Internationally- acclaimed actress and Abs-cbn Primetime Queen – Angel Locsin.

Embrace Me

Also returning in the big screen is Angel Locsin  after being so busy with her tv projects.Her last movie was with Piolo Pascual entitled “Love Me Again(Land Down Under)” on 2008 by Star Cinema.Director Olivia Lamasan will helm “Embrace Me”, her movie project next to the Vilma Santos’ comeback movie “In My Life” which was released in the year 2009.

Embrace Me movie is said to be a dark and sensual film.Moreover it falls under the hybrid of action,drama,romance and dance & musical genres.Embrace Me is not just a typical love story in fact there’s a political backdrop as well as fight scenes in the movie.

In an interview with Asian Journal, Aga said that the movie was hard because it demanded a lot of dance rehearsals from him and Angel Locsin.  He also said that he will be performing different dance styles that include all types of ballroom.  The actor added that there were even some scenes that involved him and Angel dancing while someone was being killed, or a fight scene while they are doing tango.

The movie is partly shot in Japan as Aga will play the role of an expert ballroom dancer and Angel (possibly a trainee) for she assured she’s not a stripper in the movie notwithstanding having a sensual pole dancing scene.Prior filming, both have gone under extreme pressures on their diet, the challenging scenes they have to take, the kind of dances they need to dance and even the high expectation of the excited crowd.

It was even reported that Angel Locsin took a  training program in pole dancing.Got bruised but it seemed her efforts have paid off when it was reported that she did a superb job in her first scene, which involved pole dancing. It only took her one take to come up with a perfect delivery. Wearing a one-piece suit during her dance sequence. She also shared some of her experiences in Japan especially in Mt. Fuji.

“We went to Mt. Fuji… it was so beautiful! They say, (we’re lucky) because rarely does Mt. Fuji become visible,” Angel shared in an interview with The Buzz.

Meanwhile, Aga shared that he needs to lose more pounds than what he did in ‘Love Story’ in 2007. If he reduced his weight to 160 lbs for that movie, he feels that he needs to reduce his weight to 150 lbs for this movie to fit well the role of an expert ballroom dancer.

Both Aga and Angel said that they consider the film challenging because it’s entirely different from the movies they have done in the past.“Embrace Me” is slated to hit theaters this year.Some says it’s for Valentines but it is now apparent that Bulong turned into Star Cinema’s Valentines offering but we never know.Just like last year’s “Here Comes the Bride” and “My Amnesia Girl” – this movie might just suddenly come out without so much (say a week-long) marketing and end up a box office success (which I’m pretty sure of)!

Are you excited for “Embrace Me” movie?