You prolly saw it coming, 2010 has been a year where local film outfits have started to produced movie remakes of classic Filipino movies.First on the list was Working Girls, it is then seconded by Petrang Kabayo and finally Super Inday and the Golden Bibe.Remakes had been highly anticipated, especially Petrang Kabayo.But most reviews end up saying that the original are better than the remakes.I say, No! it’s arguably not! Why would film outfits make remakes if it’s not going to do better than the original?

Most people only say that it’s not better than the original because the classic film has this special value on it (let me call it “age value” just like antiques).That’s why they’re called classic in the first place, right? But hey, come to think of this – Do you think the funny antics of the 80’s or 90’s will still work by now? The answer, no.They’re being noticed in some recycled modern films and they are being cursed if seen on theaters.Pinoy movies under the new millennium with these kind of humor has got to be the lousiest.It will flop – I tell you.However, acting-wise remakes may vary.The actors portrayal of a character from way back could still be better than of the one in the remake .But with lots of improvements in the lighting, sound and visual effects, production value what more can you ask for in a remake?

This 2011, potential Filipino movie remakes are being hinted for production by big local film outfits especially Regal Films.

  • The 1980’s film “Temptation Island” which I recently blogged about.
  • John Lapus for a title role in another Regal remake of “Kumander Gringa“.
  • Another from Regal, a movie remake entitled “Mahinhin VS Mahinhin”
  • Viva Films might come up with pinoy movie remake sequels for both “Petrang Kabayo 2” and
  • Working Girls 2
  • Star Cinema (as you might not know it) doesn’t have any film to remake since they started producing films in the 90’s (not unless there is a “need” to do so or if they’ll acquire rights of doing a film by other movie outfits or by partnering with them)
  • GMA Films on the other hand, doesn’t have any potential film to remake! (I believe, since they also just started producing film around 1995)  lol

But we never really can tell with production companies such as Star Cinema and GMA Films.They’re in the front row of movie production today.For a moment they will start rumors of producing a film and then just because some celebrity issues intervened they will shelve the movie.And when something , say a popular love team rise in stardom and fame – they will instantly come up with a movie for them (like doh?) And since remakes are kinda “What’s on” this year – they might just join in the bandwagon and start producing Filipino movie remakes.

If Star Cinema were to do a remake then if I may suggest, please do a remake of “Mara Clara”.I obviously know that there’s a tv series remake of Mara Clara running on tv as of the moment.Although I’m not quite sure if it will end some time this year or will extend for years but Star Cinema, the fact that it has been adapted in the silver screen before then why not consider of making a movie remake for Mara Clara?

I’m actually taking a closer look on the list of Star Cinema movies by this point of time and I can’t find any potential movie for a remake other than Mara Clara.Kokey’s quite good too! I mean, maybe it’s about time that Star Cinema should go for live action and science fiction films right? I’m so over romantic comedy movies! Or perhaps they could revive the cold-dead tagalog action film industry!? Do remakes of Filipino horror movies or fantasy(if there ever exists before)?

How about you? For you, (notwithstanding the film outfit) what Filipino movie has a potential of having a remake?

I will make a separate blog post about movies that has a box office potential when re-made.