By this point of time, I guess everybody already knew that Anne Curtis did a cameo role on Vice Ganda’s Petrang Kabayo.And that in an interview she said that she would like to do a movie with Vice Ganda.It seems that some movie outfit (Viva) have offered them to do a remake of the 1987 Mars Ravelo film “Jack & Jill” movie.
Jack & Jill (1987) movie was topbilled by Sharon Cuneta and Herbert Bautista.The movie is actually a re-make of the Dolphy and Lolita Rodriguez movie of the same title under Sampaguita Pictures.So the 2011 version is going to be a remake of a remake.This means that the concept of the movie is actually ideal for a blockbuster success! And that’s precisely why Viva is prepping up Anne Curtis and Vice Ganda (who appears together on a noontime variety show “Showtime” which market-wise may help them to make some noise about the project).This is going to be a popular movie if ever made, in fact the 1987 film was followed by a sequel entitled “Jack and Jill sa Amerika” a year after that.

Jack & Jill movie is an upcoming 2011 movie starring Anne Curtis and Vice Ganda.The story of Jack & Jill revolves around siblings who sort of have switched characteristics.Anne Curtis will play as Jackie Lou (“Jack”) and Vice Ganda as Hilario (“Jill”).The one is a woman who acts like a man and the other is a man who acts like a woman.If pushed through, I believe this will become the most anticipated and the wackiest comedy flick of all time.

With Anne Curtis currently working with the MMFF 2010 Best director Direk Wenn Deramas in Who’s that girl and Vice Ganda (who worked with him in Petrang Kabayo).He might just helm the remake of the film!

On a related report, Vhong Navarro also a host of showtime will come back as “Gagamboy” on its sequel.Below is a music video clip taken from the 1987 Jack & Jill (Thanks to Happyslix for uploading the vid) – have fun watching!

Update: I’ve found out that there is actually a hollywood movie entitled “Jack and Jill” starring Adam Sandler, Katie Holmes and Al Pacino.And here, Adam Sandler like (Vice Ganda’s ought to be role in the movie Jack & Jill) will dress up like a woman.It will also be a comedy movie involving siblings.However, in the hollywood Jack and Jill – the characters are twins.Do you think the hollywood movie is a rip off of our very own Jack & Jill?FJEJK9Q6WU5F