Despite being considered to as an indie film, Spring Films’ Kimmy Dora movie was a huge success! Now the people clamored for a Kimmy Dora movie sequel.And actor/producer Piolo Pascual revealed that Kimmy Dora 2 is actually going to be “Kimmy Dora 3” or KD3.

Since Eugene Domingo had lots of movie projects last year (Working Girls, Here Comes the Bride, Mamarazzi, Petrang Kabayo, Ang Tanging Ina Mo: Last na To, and Rpg Metanoia) KD3 wasn’t pushed through.Hopefully this year, KD3 might get on production and will be released some time in the tail end of the year.

Here’s a news report published by Abs-Cbn around February last year.

Kimmy Dora Movie Sequel is on the Works!

Kimmy Dora 3

Kimmy Dora 2 - 3

Spring Films producer Piolo Pascual announced that Kimmy Dora (Kambal sa Kyeme)’s sequel is already in the works and is targeted to be released this year. Because of the positive results of the first movie, Piolo said that he and the whole production team were inspired to create the sequel immediately. “Ginagawa na namin, we had a meeting, me and my co-producers and I we have been through so many pitchings, iba’t-ibang concepts hindi lang Kimmy Dora. But definitely may timetable na yung Kimmy Dora, hopefully within the year maipalabas. Hindi lang ito spin-off nung first , it is really dire-derecho, there’s a story and yun nga maganda kasi ginawa namin yung Kimmy Dora 1 first draft lang siya,e, wala kaming ni-revise, we just had to trim it down para mas compressed pero this time marami nang ideas, ang dami nang nanganak (na concepts). We’re so excited because yun talaga yung pinagtutuunan ng pansin ng Spring Films,” said Piolo.

The sequel is entitled Kimmy Dora 3, jumping one step forward from supposedly Kimmy Dora 2. According to Piolo, it is due to his staff’s ‘idiosyncratic’ yet funny reasons. “Kasi sinasabi nila kapag may part two parang pang-connect yung part two sa three, e, so hindi na kami dumaan sa part two, dinerecho na namin sa three.” He was then asked if “3” meant that it is the last of the “installments”. “Hindi natin alam nung nag-hit naman yung Kimmy Dora, nanggaling din naman sa tao yung clamor for a sequel but si Direk Joyce Bernal kasi, alam niyo naman yung director natin may pagka-adik so naisip niya gawin KD3 (Kimmy Dora 3).” He added that they haven’t started shooting though, as they are still in pre-production stage. “Hindi pa po (kami nagta-taping). Same team pa rin kami, definitely nago-occular na and nagpre-pre-prod na.”
Piolo stated though that he is still unsure if he can be part of the cast this time around. “That remains to be seen. Sa Kimmy Dora 1 gusto ko sana lumabas but since I was bound by my contract with Star Cinema, I couldn’t. So dun lang ako sa outtakes, sa ending pero if there’s a role for me, yes, I’d like to be part of it pero siyempre ang bida mo naman dito si Uge (Eugene Domingo’s nickname), (we want to) really make her shine.”
Meanwhile, it was revealed during the interview that Kimmy Dora lead star Eugene Domingo was very happy to have received a huge bonus from Piolo. Piolo was then asked by the press people about how “huge” is huge. “Huwag na natin alamin yun, basta something na deserve niya because yun lang naman yung lambing niya, she was going to the States for the holidays and naihabol naman ng production staff yung bonus niya, she really deserved it.”
Since Piolo mentioned that the same team from Kimmy Dora will be working for the sequel, Piolo was asked if Dingdong Dantes (Kimmy Dora leading man) will still be part of the cast. “When we were doing the first part kasama naman siya talaga dun, he’s also a co-producer because meron kaming deal with him na he’s a sort of a co-producer na rin nga and if ever sumali (uli) siya dito open kami siyempre.”
What do you have to say about Kimmy Dora 2 3? With a good story, funny portrayal, modern-day comedy antics Kimmy Dora is worth watching in 3D.So that it will have the title “Kimmy Dora 3D”.