John Lapus is set to star for a title role by Regal films in a movie remake of “Kumander Gringa“.According to the actor comedian of his 17 years in showbiz it had always been his dream of having a movie of his lead.”Who doesn’t?” John Lapus even added.And now it is being considered by Mother Lily and her daughter Ms. Roselle Monteverde that it’s about time John Lapus should be launched in a movie.And it’s the modern version of Kumander Gringa.

The Filipino classic action comedy film Kumander Gringa was topbilled by Roderick Paulate and was released in the year 1987 by Regal Films.

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In a separate interview done by PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) quite a few seemingly controversial questions were asked.And one is the inevitable comparison of him and Vice Ganda (who was launched first before him in Petrang Kabayo).Also with Eugene Domingo who first got a title role in Kimmy Dora and Mamarazzi who was just like him before ridden along with the supporting actors.When asked if he became impatient of starring on a film of his own (with the fact that two of his friends Vice and Uge had theirs before his). .

“Okay lang ‘yon,” he then answered. “Kanya kanya lang naman na oras ‘yan at panahon… Hindi ba moderno na talaga ang panahon? Tanggap na tanggap na ang kabaklaan dito sa Pilipinas at sa buong mundo for that matter. Sino’ng magsasabi na after so many years, 2010, isang openly out gay na nagdadamit babae at naghaha-high heels tulad ni Vice Ganda ang ilu-launch? Hindi ba, siya lang yata ang kauna-unahang ganun and it’s an honor at proud ako na kaibigan ko at little sister ko ang openly out gay na may launching movie.” he added. “Meron na rin naman dati kaya lang paminta [slang for discreet gay], e. Kami ni Eugene, nandun kami sa Petrang Kabayo. So, ganun namin kamahal si Vice and it will be an honor for me to be the second na baklang out sa Pilipinas na magkakaroon ng launching movie.”

Now, there isn’t any available information about the classic Kumander Gringa online.But a trivia tells that the main character, Kumander Gringa, is a play on the name of Gringo Honasan, then a renegade army colonel who launched an unsuccessful mutiny against the leadership of Philippines president ‘Corazon Aquino’.

This further shows, that the movie could have been helmed because the Gringo Honasan was popular back then.But where is he now? Is the movie title and the movie itself palatable enough for the modern Filipino crowd?

While it is Sweet’s pleasure to finally have a movie of his lead.I strongly believe he deserves more than a remake of an unknown film.He has to star in a never before heard tale of an openly out gay (as he says).Besides, he’s naturally good in both comedy and fantasy – then why not do a spin off of Super Inday and the Golden Bibe starring Sweet? lol.I am yet to watch Super Inday and the Golden Bibe though but if ever his character in that film shined throughout the film then you may want to consider a movie for the Golden Bibe.Does “The Adventures of the Golden Bibe” sounds more interesting than “Kumander Gringa”? Definitely.

The movie Kumander Gringa is targeted to be released this year!