Movies can rank up in the box office race just because of Advertising.From tv spot trailers, teasers, to print ads, posters, web advertisements and let me introduce to you the kind of advertising this blog has fallen into “themevertising”.If you’re a frequent reader or say a visitor of this blog, you will know that this is not the default theme of – it’s dazzling purple.But because, I support Star Cinema’s upcoming horror comedy film “Bulong” – then so does my blog.

They didn’t pay me for changing the blog theme.I changed it myself since I’m thankful that Star Cinema now, hands me out PR, Informations, Scoops, Trailers and Posters *waves at Kandice!* which is very essential on keeping this blog alive.Also it may attract moviegoers especially those who wanted to know more about the movie.Although in the near future, I’m planning to make it a business – or maybe now.(If you have a movie and wanted it to be theme-advertised then you may contact me on this email: 😉 )

Now back to the topic, Movies and Advertising are two interrelated things.

Movies need advertising and advertising needs movies.Here in the Philippines, or maybe in some other countries before you’d be able to watch the movie you paid for, you are likely to be welcomed with around 3 product commercials – food, beverages..hmm..cable tv service and all that.That is when advertising comes into the movie theater.

Later around 5 movie trailers will be presented and that’s precisely wherein movies are being advertised.

While watching the film, there will be product endorsements all around.The protagonist eating on a grand restaurant, the villain crushing a can of coke on his hands, a woman bragging her brand new pink Ferrari, couples eating hotdogs on the streets – you know?little promotions that will turn out very big, sorry, say BIG! This when advertising is inside the movie.It has a big impact because the next day I’m pretty sure people who knew the place will surely go there.Curious people would buy a can of coke and try to crush it by hand, people will date on the streets eating hotdogs.

Another is movies being advertised!

Even though the movie itself is a form of advertising – a movie cannot stand alone by itself without sales,marketing and most especially advertising.If people won’t watch your movie then your advertisements (little BIG promotions inside your movie) will also flop.You need publishers who are willing to advertise your movies in any way.The local TV is perhaps the most common and the best form of advertising your movie – seconds to that is “the new media” – Social network but most of all blogs.With a lot of people searching for new and upcoming movies online you will surely find not just one but hundreds, even thousands of people or the whole country by the internet to watch your movie.

This blog for example according to it’s site statistics, has got around 131,756 total visits, the busiest day got around 18,756 visits and has 555,440 pageviews monthly – on it’s first 6 months.Yes, this blog is just 6 months old and I believe those are already achievements.And these numerical symbols increases every time!

Now with those visits, you will surely have a moviegoer watching your film.