Richard Gutierrez has indeed established himself as the Valentine Box-Office King of the Philippines. This year, he once again adds “kilig” to the season of hearts in the GMA Films and Regal Entertainment trilogy “My Valentine Girls.” Richard stars as a novelist with Jillian Ward as his sister and pseudo cupid adding cuteness and light banter to the movie. He searches for a girlfriend as he writes his next book, a trilogy of love stories.

My Valentine Girls Movie

Soulmates Episode

“Soulmates” tells of a relationship that started with a vehicular accident involving Richard and Rhian Ramos, a fashion stylist. Richard dies and appears to Rhian as a ghost to ask for help in going back to his family. Eventually, they get closer to each other but what else can happen to them if Richard is already a ghost?

My Valentine Girls 2011 Lovie PoeMy Valentine Girls Movie BBFF BBFF Episode

Another story features Richard’s team-up with Survivor Philippines’ Solenn Heussaff in “BBFF”. Richard plays the role of a lawyer who decides to propose to his best friend Solenn. However, the latter prefers that they remain friends due to her beliefs and notions on friendships turning into romantic relationships. She then sets up Richard with Lovi Poe and the two hit it off. Will Solenn regret her match-making in the end?

My Valentine Girls stars Eugene Domingo


The trilogy also includes “Gunaw”, an apocalyptic tale with ace comedienne Eugene Domingo. Uge convinces Richard that they have a mission to procreate because they are the only humans left after a worldwide disaster. Will Richard give in to Uge for the sake of humankind?

Three surprises wrapped in one sugary-sweet movie, “My Valentine Girls” will definitely be Richard’s next box-office hit. Directed by Andoy Ranay, Chris Martinez and Dominic Zapata.Join the Valentine Box-Office King in his quest for a new queen this February 9 in theaters nationwide.

The three episodes sounds very interesting especially the last one with Eugene.The first episode, however reminded me of the Demi Moore’s film “Ghost” and from the plot the second episode sounds really silly though.But I believe this movie is best for Valentines! It’s not every day that you get to see a movie with three episodes on it? the more stories it can tell you – the better! The movie is like the romantic version of “SRR”.lol What will happen if this becomes a franchise and they’ll release “My Valentine Girls” every Valentines?