After a week-long vacation, MMFF 2010 best director Wenn Deramas will start shooting the follow-up movie of Vice Ganda‘s “Petrang Kabayo” (perhaps some time in February).Petrang Kabayo 2 movie is yet another comedy film to look forward to.With the simultaneous horse-kicking punchlines delivered by Vice Ganda and the witty cast reprising their roles “Petrang Kabayo 2” movie will surely make you roll on the floor laughing.

Way back in the 80’s the first Petrang Kabayo movie actually had a sequel, so a movie sequel for the 2010 remake of Petrang Kabayo is inevitable.However, the sequel of the remake “Petrang Kabayo 2 Movie (2011)” might not have the same story with Petrang Kabayo: Ang Ganda Mo! Mukha Kang Kabayo.This is because,FYI the two movies almost had the same plots; The first movie Petrang Kabayo at Ang Pilyang Kuting was actually produced by Regal Films while the sequel was produced by Viva.And the story of the modern take of Petra is actually a hybrid of the two classic films.

And since Viva Films produced the modern-day remake of the film – they might just come up with something NEW and Kicking!