Armed with Fries, Popcorn, Coke and 3D glasses I together with my brother went inside the extreme cinema ready for the ultimate pinoy adventure of a lifetime! Rpg Metanoia the first ever Philippine full-length animated film in 3D boasts a catchy description for that matter.This will surely entice the curious mind of every pinoy especially gamers. Rpg metanoia is first on my list of the movies to watch this 2011! I would also like you to know that it’s the first 3D film I’ve watched ever since.I got surprised on how pricey it was (I thought of paying only 250 pesos for the movie) but it costs 55 pesos more than whether it was a good movie to start the year? and if it is worth my time and money! Read on to find out movie lovers! ;-p

I could still remember the first leaked trailer of Rpg Metanoia 2 years ago.It was even dubbed as “The Rpg Movie” back then.Being an online gamer that I truly am (before!) I find it interesting and cool (say almost impossible) for a Filipino movie.And a few months ago with a slight surprise, the official trailer of Rpg Metanoia has been released online! And I was like did they really made this? This is just so good to be true! I hold back and for a moment I realized, and I now believe on what a Filipino can do.They make things possible! Philippines is without a doubt catching up with the latest technologies in the planet.After all it was just this year that 3D films had been wholly introduced to the public.And Rpg Metanoia is a proof that we’re taking a big leap in film-making especially that we made it even before the year of 3D movies bids goodbye.

Rpg Metanoia Movie Review

The movie starts with an action packed scene where Zero is being chased by a somewhat triple headed machine monster.This action sequence is a must-see you won’t even have time to blink.By this point of time, I honestly run out of words to describe the film.While and after watching Rpg Metanoia I kept saying awesome, cool, great, wow and all that.So allow me to just cite the things I liked and did not like in the movie! This is because I’m still searching for a word that would fit well with the movie Rpg Metanoia.

The likes!

The Story!

Entailed with an original story.I haven’t seen or heard of any story as original as this one.It’s not recycled, after watching you will really realize the efforts Luis Suarez and company did to make the story fast-paced, moving, entertaining, relatable, believable and palpable albeit it’s niched.

It’s a Possible Threat!

Xen animated film outfits has been outsmarted by Rpg Metanoia, I believe. Most if not all of them, even Pixar and Dreamworks requires hundreds of animators, a couple of years and a bazillion of dollars of budget to push through an animated film.Yet, Ambient Films, Thaumatrope and Star Cinema has completed an animated film of Hollywood standards in just 4 years with less than 30 animators.Imagine that?

The Creativity!

The average moviegoer doesn’t care about the details of an animated movie.Although it’s essential people doesn’t always look into the details for any Hollywood movie flick especially animated ones.That’s simply because it’s Hollywood! But RPG Metanoia is not.That’s why, most of us opened our eyes so wide to see if there’s any flaws in the details of the film.Oh hail the astounding backgrounds, the flippish designs and detailed parts of every scene.There wasn’t any scene where the background turned in plain color except for the confrontation in the last 30 minutes of the film.

The Relativity

So why did I said that the story is relatable? First, the modern Filipino kids of today knows how to play online games well.Second, most of the graphics are very very relatable since it’s Filipino inspired.From the Daing na Bangus, Rice, Typical look of most Internet Cafes, Tricycle, No parking sign, Aling Tinay’s Sari-sari store, Junkfoods such as chippy, a popular powdered milk dream (Milo for that matter), stored boxes of bottled softdrinks on it’s side, Futuristic Kalesa,  the Moriones mask, Modern version of Vigan, Jeeps, a sequence where the protagonists played Filipino street games accompanied by the APO hiking society song “Ang bawat Bata – it’s just so relatable! and nostalgically inducing in one respect.



Aside from that it clearly emphasizes good morals in the story.It emphasizes that kids are of different nature and everybody’s not the same.They put a great emphasis on the characters in the story that everyone remained remarkable from start to end.Nico for example, although the lead character of the story, like most of us, is not perfect.And like all other characters in the story, they tend to do mistakes (and a lot of it), they can hurt people and do lots of silly things.Daniel on the other hand is crowd favorite, despite having very limited screen time and someone who rarely talks he had a very remarkable presence.Aside from the protagonists Nico, Daniel, Bobby, Bryan, Mark and Mae; the supporting characters Dee(Nico calls his Father), Nico’s mom,Cel the internet shop owner; who can forget the old lady in the Sari-sari store, the Taho Vendor, the dogs, the bulb headed robots, the Japanese, Korean, Scandinavian, American Metanoia characters and Sargo were remarkable among others.

It’s Remarkable! (Need I say more?)

Extreme! Finally I have discovered the word that would suit the movie Rpg Metanoia best. It was an extreme out-of-this-world experience for me. A film that I consider to be timeless!

I like the underlying moral lesson to this film – that too much playing of computer games is bad.What’s good is that they didn’t just taught it – they provided a suggestion that it’s best to go outside and play under the sun.And that the movie was an attempt to revive the traditional Filipino outdoor games.

The Dislikes!

Hmm..The only problem with the movie is that some scenes are not in eye popping 3D.

It’s a good movie to start the year so better watch it! It was worth all my time and money and not just that it’s worth.