Two years ago, Rocca Productions brought you one of the most anticipated Pinoy Indie Movie “Sagwan“.A tale about the Boatmen of a town named “Tatalon”.Boatmen who have grown accustomed to prostitution.Making money out of every tourist, Eman(Dennis Torres)  tries to convince Alfred(Ryan Dungo) that the “trade” can be of big help to his financially inviable family.Pressured by poverty, his father who’s addicted to gambling that requires financing, and even his s3xually longing girlfriend(Martina Wilson).Alfred has to find a way to give Cecilia what she wants and, at the same time, come to terms with his confused feelings for Eman and his offer.

Sagwan movie features Ryan Dungo , Dennis Torres, Martina Wilson, Heherson ‘Giggle’ Esmeralda, Alexander ‘Tsoknat’ Castillo, and Arnold Mendoza. Introducing in the movie are Genesis ‘Gino’ Cabrillas, Mark Portus, Adrian Campos, Anton Vincent Malco and Erie Obsena.Sagwan is directed by Monti Puno Parungao.

Sagwan Trailer

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Video Credits: Taken from Youtube of the Director Monti Puno Parungao.