Shot entirely in India, with supporting actors from Bollywood comes the much awaited comeback movie of Robin Padilla with Mariel Rodriguez as his leading lady.The movie is entitled “Tum: My Pledge of Love“.I’ve actually written a post about this but I can’t locate or perhaps was just in my drafts and got accidentally deleted.All of the informations about the movie was there but I will just write it down here anyway.

So, Tum: My Pledge of Love is an upcoming romantic action film which is a hybrid of Pinoy and Hindi movies.Tum: My Pledge of Love stars Robin Padilla & Ms Mariel Rodriguez, Datu Khomeini Bansuan, Queenie Padilla, Ejay Falcon and Nash R. Raza.The movie tells a story about lovers of different religion barred by faith, belief and tradition.It is slated for release this year!

There hasn’t been any confirmation to whether it will be shown both in Philippines and India.The movie uses English as the film language however both Robin and Mariel sounded like Indians in the movie.There were also parts where they spoke Tagalog.It is said that Tum: My Pledge of Love is produced by Star Cinema but then I’m quite doubtful since no Star Cinema logo appeared on the trailer.(Hold on there, for I will try to confirm if this is a Star Cinema movie okay?)

Although Star Cinema’s the only possible Pinoy film outfit to distribute this movie.Some hint points to Star Cinema just like their plans of pushing through a Mariel Rodriguez and Robin Padilla movie after the Toni-Robin movie (which was supposedly My Amnesia Girl) was shelved.But then if ever, Star Cinema is not affiliated in any way to this film then we shall say it’s an indie movie.

Guess we all have to follow more details about this movie soon! So stay tuned.

Anyway I post the trailer of Tum in a separate post so check the post after this! or click here.