Bulong” has got me giddy with excitement given that it is topbilled by Vhong Navarro, Angelica Panganiban and helmed by the master storyteller Chito S. Rono. But to be honest, the teasers running on tv are pretty effective that I always get bothered with the last scene shown in the teaser. Yeah! The one when Vhong (Conan) was about to whisper to a seemingly dead person in the morgue. But to his surprise the ridiculous looking woman got alive and screamed to his face; Vhong panics and then shouts  “May Buhay! May Buhay”.

So last week, I asked my (blogger) friends to go out on a pre-valentines group date. And yes we watched “Bulong”, the movie that I wish would make us all laugh and scream at the same time. But did I get what I wished for? Read on. . .

After a year of rest from helming a horror movie, Chito S. Roño comes back with a hybrid of genres – horror and comedy.While the genre isn’t new to pinoy moviegoers I certainly believe that with “Bulong”, production of Horror comedy movies this year will become the next “BIG” thing.In fact we may see another horrorcom from Star Cinema anytime soon. 😉

This shows how Chito S. Roño has effectively blended in horror and comedy.From the start Bulong have captured me by the crisp and colorful visuals.Something that is new although too blazing in the eyes.It could have gone better if they did a frightening start but then I was relieved by the shadowy creature which gave intrigue to the whole film.

Now, you see the funny Vhong Navarro (Conan) comically walking on the hospital lobby trying to empress the girl of his wildest dream, Ellen. Rejection came and later found himself in a room cloaked with diabolic presence.A surprising yet so sudden exorcism scene which felt a wee out of place in the entirety of Bulong.

Bulong as you know it, was inspired by a Filipino belief that whispering to the dead would make someone’s wish come true.Now, how come there’s a possession scene in the movie? Bulong, just so you know features 3 creatures in the story – a mangkukulam, the Diablo and the undead.With that I believe it is apparent that one(or two) of the said creatures have caused to have included the said scene in the movie.Therefore, it is essential because revelations will be unraveled in the near end the story.Besides, it’s one of the funnest part in the movie!

But that was just the beginning.Conan went home devastated, was suggested by his cousin to whisper a wish to the dead.And here goes “Bulong” into the story! Things went unexpectedly out of control when the wish turned into a curse. Well it wasn’t really a curse, more like a blackmail from the ghost who’s a mangkukulam by chance and that if Conan and Oprah(Angelica Panganiban) won’t do her unfinished business – she’ll haunt them till the end.

Tasked, now the two are on their journey to finish the unfinished business of the old lady hindered by an evil entity – the Diablo.Situated in Bohol, Conan and Oprah will have to fight against the Diablo but will they survive?

Fun and feel-good comedy ruled over with most of the scenes primarily because of Vhong and Angelica’s comedic timing. The lines were so catchy and were delivered comically that you can’t stop laughing out loud.My personal favorite was the “Banyo” scene where the old lady got snubbed and efforts wasted.Watch out for it! Hahaha! You also have to watch out for the scenes that indicates nothing but Bohol.Especially, the Bulol scene.

Acting-wise, Vhong Navarro suited for his role – making his acting work perfectly.Angelica have once again proved her craft in comedy despite having a less vivid character.Lola Paula (Angie Ferro) was great and so was Bangs Garcia, Ruben Salvador, Sylvia Sanchez and Mosang.

My only gripe about the movie is that you’ll be looking for more chills and suspense given that it was marketed along with Chito’s hard-core horror films(e.g. Feng Shui and Sukob). The trailer is deceitful for it gave me the idea that Conan will be chased by spell-casted mad bitches.And the cgi of the Diablo sucks!!

Bulong is a great film to start the year.But did I get what I wished for? Laughs – yes and a ton of it.Screams, nope but the person seated next to me went gaga screaming on some scenes.It is a feel good movie – but certainly not the best for a horror fanatic like me.