I have been a Filipino horror movie fanatic for years.And watching classic horror films I always get to notice this horror extra who is marked by her scary face.Last night, in TV Patrol it was reported that “Lilia Cuntapay”, scary as she may look with or without prosthetics is looking for a job for her sustainment.She has a sad news to share – about her state in life.Something that depicts how unfortunate some tv and movie extras are in real life.

Lonesome for she has no husband and children to be with.She spends most of her time playing around with kids on their Barangay.”Gusto ko po ng trabaho, kaya ko pa naman eh,” the 75 years old extra said in the report.Click here for the detailed report or watch the video.

All I wanna say is she deserves to have a project.I’m calling the attention of Movie outfits, horror movie Directors Chito S. Rono, Jerrold Tarog, Topel Lee, Yam Laranas and more others to include her on upcoming projects this 2011.I’m always touchy when it comes to Lola’s.I dunno why – but I feel sorry for them, esp those who are unfortunate.So, please help them!