Yet another movie sequel from the animation market of the film industry is slated to hit theaters with a loud and cheerful hooray!  After the success of Toys Story 3 and the much awaited movie sequel of Cars I’m sure all Disney-Pixar fanatic are excited for Monsters Inc 2 which is reportedly to be released on November 2, 2012.That is almost 2 years away from now, but still sounds good news for everyone.

But will the Monsters Inc 2 movie sequel be a sequel??

The Monsters Inc 2 Movie Monsters Inc Movie Sequel or the monsters inc 2 movie sequel or in whichever way you read it is actually going to be a prequel.Yes! And I personally feel blank moreover spaced out as I try to imagine Mike and Sully without the cute little Boo with them.As posted in IMDB page, Monsters Inc part 2 is about Mike and Sully in their college days.Dang! That doesn’t sound exciting!

I was expecting for something new yet will continue the story the two monsters and Boo.Something that would answer questions like “Did Mike and Sully saw Boo again? like ever?”, “Did Mike marry the one-eyed gorgon lady monster”, “Will Henry J. Waternoose escape from jail and seek for revenge? ”  and all that.

Not something like “take-a-deep-plunge-into-the-history” of how Mike and Sully started their a movie, which ends up being so predictable since we all know that Mike and Sully are going to be friends in the end.

Informations about Monsters Inc 2 online are full of speculations.In fact, nobody has confirmed if Pete Docter will be returning at helm./Film posted an article full of speculations about who’s going to direct the film and speculated that we may have seen a glimpse of Monsters Inc 2 on Pixar’s latest film “Toys Story 3”.Although the article was posted for almost a year now – it brighten up my day and I’ve had high hopes that it’s going to be just as they speculated.Since official details about the sequel are yet to be released.

In every pixar movie, they try to hide one or two characters for their upcoming film.And on the trailer of Toys Story 3, Pixar fanatics have been speculating that one of the young girls at the daycare center looks suspiciously like a more grown up version of Boo.(Photo Comparison: Top Left of this blog post)Makes me think – it’s possible! And I hope they’d get back on Boo(they probably will).

In IMDB page of Monsters Inc 2 one of the credited casts listed is Mary Gibbs who’s voice gave life to “Boo”.Also returning to reprise their roles, Mike and Sully respectively are Billy Crystal and John Goodman.

I can’t wait for Monsters Inc 2! I believe you too.So stay tuned for I will update you more about this movie! That’s all for now.