Internationally acclaimed Filipino filmmaker, Brillante Mendoza is prepping up for an action drama film entitled “Prey“. The movie focuses on the experiences of the twelve foreigners that are kidnapped by a terrorist group in the Philippines namely Abu Sayyaf .On the lead is the multi-awarded french actress Isabelle Huppert who bagged away the best actress award in Cannes Film Festival.That means, this will be a movie featuring the best actress and the best director of Cannes Film Festival.

The movie is based on the true story of the controversial American Protestant missionaries Gracia Burnham and her husband Martin Burnham, who was among the group kidnapped by the Abu Sayyaf in 2001.Shot in international standards, Prey movie also stars Ronnie lazaro, Raymond Bagatsing, Sid Lucero, Angel Aquino,  Rustica Carpio, Mon Confiado, Allan Paule, Bernard Palanca, Kristofer King, Mercedes Cabral, Tado, Arlyn dela cruz and many more.With the special participation of Coco Martin, Joel Torre, and Ms. Anita Linda.

I am personally excited for “Prey” for I know and I certainly believe on what a Brillante Mendoza can do.Uplifting the Filipino movie industry by creating high quality films.Goodluck, Godbless and Congratulations Direk Brillante for helming this “film”!

The movie “Prey” will be released internationally as Captured to avoid confusion with the 2007 horror thriller film of the same title.The movie prey is still on post-production and is slated for release on 2012!

Here are the first images of the upcoming film – Prey.

(Photos Courtesy of: Benjamin Padero)