Vice GandaSo, Vice Ganda is bringing his horse-powered comedy antics inside the military campgrounds? Where did this news started that my post about a possible “Petrang Kabayo 2” got shaken up a bit(0r totally?).Haha! Although it hasn’t been confirmed that a sequel to Petrang Kabayo is on the works.A possible sequel for that movie is but something we all surely would have wanted to see this 2011.But then a new role, a new story – meaning a whole new solo movie for Vice Ganda, in one respect sounds interesting.

Private Benjamin  it is – the so acclaimed working title of the next project of Vice Ganda.While Derek Wenn Deramas clearly stated in an article that he will be working on “Vice Ganda’s follow-up solo movie” after “Who’s that Girl“.I’m still not sure to whether there’s going to be a follow-up movie for Petrang Kabayo since its a blockbuster hit.But the good news is, they started working on “Praybeyt Benjamin Movie” or Private Benjamin (if ever they’d stick to that title).The title sounds familiar in fact if you search it on Google a Hollywood film of the same title will appear.Its Goldie Hawn’s 1980 “Private Benjamin” movie! Apparently it is not a remake of the american film.But what’s intriguing is that does Warner Brothers know about having their movie title copied?  I’m not sure how acquiring rights for movie titles go or if there’s a boundary but I’m sure there’s an office for that. Although I have in mind, that they’ll stick with the tagalog title.

According to reports, the tentatively titled “Private Benjamin” movie will star Vice Ganda, Jimmy Santos, Paolo Hubalde and Andrew Wolff and I suppose more other hot men(since Vice’s character is going to be surrounded by armed men 😉 ).Vice confirmed on twitter that he will be a soldier on his next solo movie and that Private Benjamin is kind of a hybrid of the stories of Mulan and Saving Private Ryan.☺

It’s an action comedy film!

Produced by Viva Films and directed by Wenn Deramas Private Benjamin is one of the 2011 pinoy movies you should look out for.Whatcha think?

Update: Here’s the first look of Praybeyt Benjamin movie -> Praybeyt Benjamin.

Praybeyt Benjamin Official Trailer will be posted below! Sinetch itetch na sundalo na baklush pala?