Spider-man 4 movie reboot has now been officially retitled into “The Amazing Spider-man Movie”.Directed by Marc Webb, the new Spider-man Andrew Garfield has got to be so lucky to debut in an Amazingly titled movie.He also has to be thankful for getting the lead role in the first place and to star in a spidey movie to be released in eye-popping 3D.Aside from the lead star The Amazing Spider-man movie also stars actor Rhys Ifans who will play as the villain – Dr Curt Connors aka the Lizard, Emma Stone as the love interest of Peter Parker, Martin Sheen, Denis Leary, Campbell Scott, Julianne Nicholson, Irrfan Khan, and Annie Parisse.The release date of the Amazing Spider-Man movie is set for July 3, 2012.

Columbia Pictures President, Matt Tolmach said a few words about the new Spiderman movie most especially with Andrew Garfield’s portrayal of Spidey.

spiderman 4“Spider-Man is a classic superhero — a young man who balances his responsibility to serve humanity and crush evil with the shyness and normalcy of someone struggling to find himself. The role demands an extraordinary actor. You

need someone who can magically transform himself from Peter Parker into Spider-Man. An actor who will depict the vulnerability of youth and the strength and confidence of a legendary figure at the same moment. We have found that actor in Andrew Garfield. From the first time we saw him in the upcoming film The Social Network, to his glorious screen test, which floored all of us, we knew that we had found our new Peter Parker.”

I’m really excited to watch this movie! But what makes it even more exciting is that Spiderman may encounter two more villains.Venom may be returning to be portrayed by Philip Seymour Hoffman and Proto-Goblin although won’t exactly be around in the first movie will appear as its human alter-ego Nels Van Adder.I guess we would have to see Nels Van Adder transform into Proto-Goblin in the movie sequel of The Amazing Spiderman – but that’s if the first spider movie will rake in the box office of course.

Stay tuned with us for more details about the Amazing Spider-Man!