Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes will be once again get featured on the screen. Portraying different characters, Kath and Julia are now billed to get on the BIG screen. These popular teenage girls will get paired with two of the freshest faces in the industry, Albie Casiño (yet another cast from Mara Clara) and AJ Perez, respectively. Blockbuster Director Cathy Garcia-Molina will be at helm for this movie project.The movie will be Albie’s first movie ever.When asked, what he has to say about having been offered a movie project by Star Cinema – “Sobrang saya ko na napaka-successful ng Mara Clara. Hindi ko talaga inexpect na magiging ganito kalakas ang impact namin sa mga tao. Bago mag-air ‘yung show ang takot ko lang noon na sana hindi ako magmukhang tanga.[…]Takot ako kay Direk Cathy. Baka masyado nang mataas ang expectation ng mga tao sa akin because of Mara Clara. Takot ko na dito sa movie hindi ko ma-meet ‘yung expectation ng marami.” the 17 year old actor said.

As for the remaining lead stars to debut on the upcoming film. Looking back, Kathryn Bernardo have appeared on Star Cinema movies Nasaan Ka Man (2005) and Supahpapalicious(2008).I’d also like to note that her first movie was under Regal Films in Gagamboy(2004) which could mean she is likely to be back as “Tsoknat” in the upcoming and (much hyped up post on this blog) Gagamboy 2: Ang Pagbabalik. It’s also great to note that this is Julia’s first movie as Julia Montes for she was credited as Mara Schnittka in her previous films (Bahay Kubo, T2, Caregiver).Ohh..didn’t you noticed? Both Kathryn and Julia have first worked under Regal before Star Cinema.Haha.Wala lang! They have lots of things in common.On the other hand, AJ Perez appeared in an episode of the horror flick “Cinco”, shown just last July.

kathryn, albie, julia and aj

This is only a Pinoymovieblog.com-made suggestion poster for their upcoming film! Haha.

They’re done with the storycon of the movie.The next move is when they’ll start filming. Probably right after Direk Cathy finishes KC and Sam’s star cinema movie. ;-p

I don’t know what the story is going to be like, nor have my tipsters hinted out.But for a start, these young stars might be billed on a romantic comedy movie! Do you have any title or story to suggest? Let me hear it on the comment section below. Anyway, above’s my suggestion – and a poster goes with it! Cute no?

Movie Updates:

>>The movie has now a title “Sa Iyong Pagbabalik“. [Read Story Here -> Star Cinema 2011 Movies]

>> AJ Perez Death Causes Postponement for The Movie Project.

>>Albie Casino out of The Movie because of Andi Eigenmann’s Pregnancy

>> Kathryn Bernardo will play the role of Ana.

>>Julia Montes will play the role of Jessica.

>> Enrique Gil will be paired up with Kathyrn Bernardo

>>Sam Concepcion will play the role of “AJ”.

>>Agot Isidro will join the cast of Sa Iyong Pagbabalik movie!