Catch Me I’m in Love swipes at being the first onscreen team up of Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson. Yet another experimental tandem between two kapamilya stars by Star Cinema. The teasers running on tv doesn’t induce one to watch Catch Me I’m in Love movie at any rate but what made it highly anticipated is the tandem itself. Sarah and Gerald, have a good chemistry – just good enough to answer why people wants more.

Storywise, Filipino romcoms have never been cheesier since My Amnesia Girl but will Catch Me I’m in Love dwell on cheesy lines, complex drama and sure-fire yet congruous twists? Here’s Catch Me I’m in Love Review you should read on!

Roan (21) is the only daughter among a brood of boys. She grew up in a tight and overprotective family who owns a flower shop in Dangwa. She is a passionate social worker and has a special place in her heart for children.Erick (22) is the president’s only son. He is a favorite personality of the media and the public, with everyone’s attention on him not only because of his family status, but because of his charm and mystery. Despite everything, all the public really knows of him is that he is somewhat of a playboy and that he is vindictive to anyone who crosses his line.At a special charity event, Roan and Erick first meet. Roan is immediately attracted to this handsome and mysterious gut but it soon disappears when he mistakes her for a maid. Because of this, Roan develops a hatred for the president’s son.After a blunder at the NGO she was working at, however, Roan is forced to ask for Erick’s help in providing the remaining funds needed to renovate the daycare center in their benefactor community. Erick, despite not wanting to work with Roan, decides to be more involved in her advocacy to please his father.What happens is a funny, quirky, and interesting romance that blooms between the two of them. But as they enter each other’s worlds and they realize that they don’t belong, with their love be strong enough to overcome the problems that they face?

Catch Me…I’m in Love is predictable and that is a no brainer. The plot is loose and simple, it looked like the other Sarah films. Her role, seemed like a rip off from Laida Magtalas, a modern day lass who now works in an NGO called “Helping Hands”, a woman with high ideals about romance wishing that she’ll meet the man of her dreams someday.

The acting is good, and when good I mean it’s not dry, like everything is raw and believable. I believe Sarah’s acting went off naturally for her role. People are like, used of seeing her with that very Maria Clara image and she’s good on it.I just hope that she’ll do more challenging roles in the future and I hope that her Mom won’t mess up with the films she’ll make someday.

In case you didn’t know, it was reported that the shooting of Catch Me…I’m in Love was delayed on no end due to Mommy Divine’s (Sarah’s Mom) intervention.

Well anyway, about Gerald Anderson on the film. He’s really good on his piece. His acting is impressive but his role is somehow not challenging at all. He’s hot and that made the girls around scream crazy as hell. But his heavy built and mature looks is more appropriate on action movies. Hehe. .

What’s so good about the movie is that it gives you this kilig feeling like no other films can do. It’s very raw, it’s very natural. If I could only elaborate the feeling of kilig this post might not end at all. 🙂 Basta! Kaka-kilig.

The other casts, Christopher De Leon, Dawn Zueleta, Joey Marquez, Arlene Muhlach, Janus Del Prado, Charrie Pineda gave their best performances too. Everything seemed fine on the acting but like other films the movie has flaws too!

Oh! I almost forgot the other actor who’s on the poster. Well, Matteo had an ideal role but it’s just that they didn’t seem to explore on it more. His role was a bit unnecessary, he didn’t look good tanned on the big screen and the rapping in awkward accent is so not funny. Nonetheless, I’m still excited about his movie “BASTED”.

Another thing, they should have let us see how the private plane flew or landed. It irked me, like did they just magically flew back and forth?

The last scene – OH! not again? I remember the last scene of You Changed My Life where Sarah went chasing against time to see her love and tell her what she realized. It happened again!

Sorry for the spoilers, the movie will be out in theaters(literally) by the time I’ll post this and the dvd might come out a month after so there’s no harm in spoiling. lol. What you should be on the look for is the kissing scene – if there is? I couldn’t tell. 🙂

Overall, Catch Me…I’m in love is a sweet kilig account that will make you smile up to the end – it’s a feel good movie afterall! 🙂