I’ve been watching a lot of Asian horror movies lately but my cousin screwed it up by asking me to download Hachi: A Dog’s Story. After watching, I couldn’t even get over that one damn tear-jerker movie. I must admit that I’m one sick, emotional bastard. I’m so touchy as hell that you’d probably laugh at me crying over Hachi, Marley or even Jack in the near end of Titanic. Please note that, this is the top 5 HOLLYWOOD movies that made me cry. 🙂

So below is my list of the top 5 movies that Made me Cry. These might also be the top 5 Movies that made you cry!


Titanic – I first watched this when I was still in 4th grade or was it 6th? Well, never mind, but the love that developed between Jack and Rose in the sinking Titanic is but a timeless story that’ll surely break your heart. This is last on my list since, it only made me cry once.On the near end of the story when Jack Dawson died drowning in the artic water. That was like the best dying scene ever. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like watching people dying but I must say that compared to any dying scenes in movies that was dramatically heartbreaking.

Marley and ME

4.  Marley & Me – I thought this movie was supposed to be a comedy film. But comedy sometimes goes the other way around. This time, it’s when you realize that despite the funny start and chaos in the middle, a sad ending , would always make you cry. And it’s funny to look at yourself crying when you weren’t supposed to care about a dog who doesn’t do much in the film but play, bark, eat stuff and destroy a lot of things.


3. Ghost 1990 movieGhost –  I watched this together with my parents via Cinemax. My mom was crying on the scene where Sam died. On the near end of the movie, when he went back to save his love and the final good bye. I cheated though, I went to pee to the bathroom and then started crying there.lol


Eight Below – I watched this with my late Grandmother who really love dogs. The movie is really touching, from it’s climax to the ending when the dogs were reunited to their owner. This story of survival, inspired by true events is but one dog tale I won’t forget.



1.Hachi: A Dog’s Story – this is the film which made me write this post. But more than that, it’s the movie that really broke my heart. Hachi is really a legend and I must say his loyalty is on its ultimateness.He really waited for his deceased owner until that they’re reunited in the end. 🙁

Yeah, you can say it. Dogs make me cry, err. . I think, I just love dogs. How about you? What are the Top 5 movies that made you cry?