Christine Reyes topbills Tumbok, an upcoming horror movie about two newly weds and the mystery that surrounds the old condominium inherited to the husband.We got our hands to the official movie poster of Tumbok! Take a look at their movie poster.

tumbok poster


How do I say this? I’m not really impressed with the movie poster.  I’d like to reserve the reason behind on another post which will be about “The Importance of Movie Posters”. I like the font they used on the title though. Also I’d like to say that nothing’s really scary on the poster and that should be obvious – I do hope the movie will deliver some real scare!

Most tag lines has this rhyming on them especially when it’s in Filipino. It makes one tagline catchy and easy to be remembered – “Pag Nagtagpo ang mga daan wag maniran dito..”; my cousin suggested “Wag Maninirahan sa lugar na nagtatagpo ang mga daan”. What’s the difference? The latter sounds more like a warning, creepy, catchy and easy to be remembered. 🙂 Think of it.

What can you say about the poster?