What do you know? How time flies by so quickly. It’s the second week of May already, and things are getting hotter each time around. Make the last days of summer count because School time is definitely coming back. There are so many great ways of spending it. Go out under the sun and play with your friends, plan going inside a haunted house for some hair-raising experience, do movie marathons, malling, shopping or by even just watching your favorite Pinoy film via Cinema One while noming a cool halo-halo graced with Alaska Evaporated  and Condensed Filled Milk. 🙂 Now, Summer is going to be fun.

No this is not a paid post for Alaska or Cinema One, I was just happy that they’re supporting small but promising  film outfits like ArkeoFilms. This summer, these 3 sweet bodies will unite in a Summer Short Film Festival called “Cinemainit“.Watch out every 7 pm of everyday at Cinema One to catch each episode of Cinemainit.4 Summer Short Films for the whole month of May (That means, an episode each week.You know right?)!

Well, since this post was like a bit late this week they will feature a 10 minute short film entitled “Doon Sa Haunted House“, directed by Jade Castro (Zombadings).

So, if you haven’t heard of this yet – check your time, hurry back to your tv by 7 pm and catch Alaska’s Cinemainit short summer films! Hey, shouldn’t these films be also screened some time in the late afternoon? Just so the viewers could feel the essence of SUMMER (Where it’s hot – Mind you it’s not that hot at night? lol) + enjoy their snacks.Just a request, how about by 3? hehe.

2 Short films were already shown, 2 more short films are yet to be released.The 2 short films are entitled ““Ang Huling Laro ng Summer” (The Last Game of Summer)” and “Doon Sa Haunted House””.I will be posting teaser trailers of these short films here so keep posted! 😉