Asian movies

This summer, I’ve really been into watching Asian films, of course that includes Filipino movies but more often than not I watch other Asian movies. Korean movies, Thai movies, Japanese movies, Chinese films, Malay, you name it! For as long as it’s Asian and suits my taste from the given information (teaser,poster, synopsis, etc.) then I’ll surely watch it!

And just like my enthusiasm and fondness for Pinoy movies, I would like to evolve this blog into an Asian movie blog. The domain and the blog name may never sound that-so Asian but some unseen forces just tells me to do so. I’m quite bored about the pacing of Filipino movie productions recently and Hollywood is like just too much. So I’ve decided to settle on a continental grounds, hoping that I could say more than just this local shiz and that.Hoping that (of course to sound at least less hypocrite) drive traffic to my blog – hoping that some day, somehow I’ll get recognized in the movie blogging industry.And hoping that in my own special way, I could tell the rest of the world – that Asian movies are the best!

Blogging-wise, I know it’s going to be tough. I have yet to blog about upcoming Filipino films and there are like, movie news updates here in the Phils. almost every hour of everyday. From day to day, backlogs have piled up like laundry on my admin draft page but still I’m pursuing this path.To whether or not this will lead me to something – I don’t fckin’ care.In fact, I don’t even have to tell you this – just so everything would sound official to my dearest readers(if you happen exist).Haha!

From blogging almost about Filipino movies, I’ll take you to another level! Showcasing the best of movies from all over Asia. I guess this would also include Anime movies and all that we, Asian’s would be really proud of.I will be soon reviewing the best Asian movies, So expect more top lists, articles, rants and movie previews from the heart of the planet – Asia.

Let’s get the Asian movie blogging started. 😉

Till here saying,

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