Vice Ganda posted on his official twitter account a picture of him as  Benjamin. Private Benjamin, like what we previously posted is an upcoming Viva Films action comedy movie about a gay son of an ex military commander who was forced to train like a military in order to save the country and his family from a national crisis.This is Vice Ganda’s second title role in a full length film.

I’m sure, by this point of time everyone’s excited to see Vice doing some action stunts either inside the military campgrounds or in an abandoned warehouse (yeah.the ones we usually see on our classic tagalog action films). I’m hoping to see a lot of action on this movie considering tagalog action movies had been out of the cycle since the start of the new millennium.And for a change, let someone from the 3rd s3x be on the lead!  Para bongga ang comeback ng action films.haha!

I like how Wenn Deramas did the remake of  “Petrang Kabayo” and so as with “Who’s That Girl”.Being the best director of last year’s Metro Manila Film Festival there’s no doubt Private Benjamin is going to be a lot funnier, wackier and crazier.I also got stunned on how he does action sequences, especially the ones in Mula Sa Puso. That is so breathtaking! With all those and more I’m sure Private Benjamin is going to be another great pinoy movie.

Btw, Tomorrow, catch the premiere of Vice Ganda’s musical variety comedy show entitled “Gandang Gabi Vice!” (Good Evening Vice!).

As for the image above – that’s how Vice looks like when he becomes a straight guy – “Pa Kiss, Pare!” :-* lol

Update: Another photo of Vice have sprung up, this time he’s in military/agent suit.

private benjamin

The movie will star Vice Ganda, Jimmy Santos, Paolo Hubalde, Kean Cipriano and Andrew Wolff.More casts to be revealed soon! That’s why keep posted. 🙂