I was fascinated by how the korean movie Windtruck was narrated from start to the end.That all were just flashbacks from what we thought to be the end, at the start of the movie.Yet have momentarily blinded us with a stunning twist which happened to have broken lots of hearts already. Windstruck movie is a 2004 korean movie about love gone by the wind. .

But that was just an understatement of an undefinable love story. The title may sound too literal for the message this film conveys but still I could feel the breeze of fresh wind coming from the clever minded director – Jae-young Kwak.

The story revolves around Kyungjin, a young female police officer who accidentally met Myungwoo when she mistakenly identified him as a snatcher. After having his name cleaned, Myungwoo returns to the police station asking for assistance on his way through a dangerous district. And quite expectedly, Kyungjin was assigned to escort Myungwoo.

Distracted by a drug dealing scenario, Kyungjin delved into the darkness of the district with Myungwoo handcuffed to her.And thus, the start of the wacky action adventure which eventually made them closer to each other.

The first half of the film focused more on how their love developed for each other and  how far they would go for it. It is full of sweet, humorous and fun loving moments for couples of opposite characters.The lines were superbly delivered and the lead character, Jun Jihyun takes it to a whole new level despite her devil-may-care character. Jang Hyuk also did well acting wise.

When I reached the second half of the film, the story became more engaging and intriguing on where it will lead you. Since then, I’ve always expected for a sad, quite predictable, but reasonable ending. Until things went a bit far-fetched when fantasy broke into the story. What seemed to be just a romantic dramedy at first became a movie with a surreal near end. A dreamlike sequence of events which made the film ridiculous nevertheless, extraordinary. The action sequences were great and just as when I thought they’re going to give the movie a nice ending. Kwak came up with a breathtaking and heartbreaking goodbye scene. . and a hopeful ending that we might have already seen, although I prefer believing I’ve just mistaken.

Windstruck is not your typical love story because it’s an outburst of different emotions  – Windstruck is but one of Korea’s best romantic sob story.

Did I cry? I’d rather not say. :p