Today, June 12,2011 marks the 113th Philippine Independence! Now, to celebrate our “Araw ng Kalayaan” here are 10 worthwhile Filipino movies for you to check! You can rent or buy these films or maybe just opt to watch and download it online. You can have it your way actually – because you’re FREE to do so.Because it’s Independence Day! Yehey. .Yeah, that was a lame

Let’s start with a pinoy movie which really sounds like you’re reminding someone it’s Independence day!

Independencia (2009)

Director: Raya Martin
Starring: Sid Lucero, Alessandra de Rossi, Tetchie Agbayani, Mika Aguilos
Synopsis: Mimicking early silent films, Independencia creates a lush metaphor that plays with cinematic illusions and the cultural and mythical history of the Philippines.

Filipinas (2003)
Director: Joel Lamangan
Starring: Armida Siguion-Reyna, Maricel Soriano, Richard Gomez, Aiko Melendez, Dawn Zulueta, Victor Neri, Wendell Ramos, Sunshine Dizon, Tanya Garcia, Anne Curtis and Sarah Geronimo.
Synopsis: A typical clan with a striking last name. Set in the backdrop of social economic turmoil, the family reunites for the wedding of the youngest daughter. There is a family caretaker, an immigrated son, a military man, a rebellious son and a religious matriarch. Troubles plague the family and all seems hopeless as they turn on one another. A study of contemporary society, as it is seen through the perspective of a family heavily affected by the problems that beset the country.

Aishite Imasu 1941: Mahal Kita (2004)

Director: Joel Lamangan
Starring: Judy Ann Santos, Raymart Santiago, Dennis Trillo and Jay Manalo.
Synopsis: Inya, a heroine of the Philippine resistance against the Japanese during World War II, recalls events involving her husband Edilberto and their childhood friend Ignacio, a transvestite who, masquerading as a woman also named Inya, becomes the lover of the local Japanese commander, Ichiru, and is caught between a duty to be a spy for his country and friends and his reluctant but growing love for Ichiru.

Pilipinas Kong Mahal (1965 )

Director: Efren Reyes
Starring: Fernando Poe Jr., Susan Roces, Joseph Estrada, Eddie Garcia, Mary Walter, Nova Villa and Vic Silayan.
Synopsis: A spectacular war movie entertainment with a glittering array of guest stars and a cast of thousands!

Bagong Buwan (2001)

bagong buwan

Director: Marilou Diaz-Abaya
Starring: Cesar Montano, Amy Austria, Jericho Rosales, Caridad Sanchez, Carlo Aquino, Jiro Manio, Jhong Hilario and Jodi Santamaria.
Synopsis: Ahmad is a Moro medical doctor who is forced to return to village because of the death of his child as a result of an attack by militiamen. Continued attacks by the military forced Ahmad and his family to evacuate to the house of their leader Datu Ali. The threat of a military attack on Datu Ali’s village forced Ahmad’s family to flee again, leaving Datu Ali to defend his house alone. Ahmad’s family proceeds to go to his brother’s place. His brother is an MILF commander. Encounter between Ahmad’s brother’s group and the military ensues. Ahmad, while trying to save a boy, is caught in the crossfire.

Dekada ’70 (2002)

Director: Chito S. Roño
Starring: Vilma Santos, Christopher de Leon, Piolo Pascual, Marvin Agustin, Carlos Agassi, Danilo Barrios, John Wayne Sace, Kris Aquino and Philip Salvador.
Synopsis: The film tells the story of the life of a middle-class Filipino family who, over the space of a decade, become aware of the political policies that have ultimately led to repression and a state of Martial law in the Philippines. Filipina actress Vilma Santos stars as Amanda, who realizes the implications of living within a dictatorship after sorting out the contradictory reactions of her husband and five sons. Her husband (Julian), played by Filipino actor, Christopher de Leon, supports his eldest son’s (Jules), played by Filipino actor, Piolo Pascual; efforts to rail against the government while refusing to follow Amanda’s wish to find a job. Her second son (Gani), played by Filipino actor, Carlos Agassi, is in the United States Navy. Her third son (Eman), played by Filipino actor, Marvin Augustin, writes illegal political exposes. The fourth son (Jason), played by Filipino actor, Danilo Barrios fell victim to a corrupt police department, and her youngest son named (Bingo), played by Filipino actor, John W. Sace, is still a boy.

SIGWA (2010)

Director: Joel Lamangan
Zsa Zsa Padilla, Tirso Cruz III, Gina Alajar, Jim Pebanco, Marvin Agustin, Allen Dizon, Pauleen Luna, Lovi Poe, Megan Young, Jay Aquitania, Rico Barrera, Ayen Laurel and Ms. Dawn Zulueta.

Synopsis: Sigwa (meaning “storm”) spans 40 years of Philippine social unrest. The story is initially told by Fil-Am Dolly, a junior correspondent of a US magazine, who was sent to the Philippines in 1970 to do a story on student activism in Manila. Today, she has returned after being arrested and deported in 1975, on the third year of martial law. Her mission is personal this time: to look for her daughter, who was supposed to have died 35 years ago, but who, she has been told, is alive. The film, being a composite of the stories of Dolly and each one of her former activist collective, is revealed fragment by fragment, as she surprises them by her unannounced presence.


Director: Marilou Diaz-Abaya
Starring: Cesar Montano, Gloria Diaz, Gardo Versoza, Monique Wilson, Chin Chin Gutierrez, Mikey Ferriols and Pen Medina.

Synopsis: Jose Rizal’s life and works are recounted through a series of non-linear flashbacks which reflect on various aspects of his life – as writer, propagandist, lover, friend, brother, doctor, and the man that inspired a revolution.


Director: Peque Gallaga

Starring: Manny Ojeda, Liza Lorena, Sandy Andolong, Cherie Gil, Fides Cuyugan-Asensio, Joel Torre and Ronnie Lazaro.

Synopsis: A tale set in World War II Philippines about how a rich family copes with the war and how the people change amidst violence and death

Baler (2008)

Director: Mark Meily

Starring: Anne Curtis, Jericho Rosales, Phillip Salvador, Andrew Schimmer, Baron Geisler, Ryan Eigenmann, Carlo Aquino and Nikki Bacolod.

Synopsis: In 1898, a band of Spanish soldiers heroically defended Baler (which was not yet the capital municipality of Aurora until 1951) against Filipino forces for 337 long and grueling days. The battle, now referred to as the Siege of Baler, is the setting of a forbidden love between a Mestizo soldier (Jericho Rosales) and a Filipina lass (Anne Curtis) who lived at the end of the 19th century.