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My 2011 Asian summer movie marathon wouldn’t be complete without watching Asian horror movies and fantasy films. Asian horror fantasy films that features spine-chilling stories with surreal mix of fact and fantasy. The marathon started with an intense cinematic experience which featured visually stunning sequences and a dark but crisp storytelling from Tetsuya Nakashima’s Japanese Psychological Thriller entitled “Confessions”.

Confessions (Japan, 2010) is a dark tale of a teacher who seeks for justice after two of her students murdered her one and only daughter. Detailed in shades of blue and grey, this psychological thriller is a breath of fresh air as it does not only take you to the end of your seat with its stunning visuals but it takes you to a whole new level of nostalgia – a feeling of being trapped in a deadly dream.

My Ex Haunted Lover (Thailand, 2010) is said to be a thai box office film. But I failed to see how this became such a big hit in Thailand. Perhaps because of the lead stars – well, I really don’t know! This is quite of a confusing film, both the visuals and the soundtrack were completely boring. Nothing is new with it’s horror sequences but if you like watching gory deaths then you should watch this film! The story was intriguing enough and you wouldn’t really know where it’ll lead you.My Ex Haunted Lover movie was marred with a weak ending but the revelations towards the end made it a decent horror film.

Sick Nurses (Thailand, 2007) with a bloody as hell trailer and a bitchy ghost killing each of the damn sexy nurses I have decided to watch this film. Sick Nurses is really sick as hell. All that you’d know is everyone’s a fuckn bitch! You will get disturbed by gory deaths, strangely new horror sequences and how sick can one nurse do out of love and revenge! The story is really fascinating and unpredictable with a mind blowing mothafuckn’ twist!

Rahtree Reborn/Buppha Rahtree 3.1 (Thailand, 2009) – a horror comedy film billing the really handsome Mario Maurer and the beautiful Laila Boonyasak plus a freakin ghost child. It’s full of twist and is quite confusing because new characters are being introduced and killed every now and then. Even so, the movie is great but too long! Because of this film, I think we, Filipinos only second Thailand in comes to superstitious beliefs.The end is quite hanging though since the whole story is divided into two movies.

Coming Soon/Bproh Graem Naa Win Yaan Aa Kaat  (Thailand, 2008) is but one of the best thai horror movies I have watched. The story and concept is unique, the development of characters were great and the revelations although quite predictable are just good enough to piece the whole story. Good acting, both from the lead character Chen and the ghost with lots of frightening scenes.All in all the movie is wicked scary and awesome!

Buppah Rahtree 3.2: Rahtree’s Revenge (Thailand, 2009) – the continuation of Buppha’s murderous killings.Every twist and turn of the story is detailed here and again, new characters are introduced, the film is as long as the first and the movie would somehow become boring at some point.All in all, I didn’t quite like it. I only screamed twice!

Hisss (India, 2010) with the sexy bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat on the lead this movie has definitely captivated the snake in me.lols.But really, I was just afraid that my very own concept of a snake-monster-story had already been adapted into a movie and I was wrong. The Bollywood horror thriller movie “HISSS” is about a snake Goddess and it’s good to know that really.haha.Anyway, Hisss is quite a good horror film – not really scary but intriguing.

Deathnote (Japan, 2006) – The first among the fantasy films, it gives a different kind of thrill and excitement – an intelligent film based on the hit manga/anime series of the same title. Even though the lead Tatsuya Fujiwara looked like the male version of Charice.lols.He did really well on this film! That was funny.lols again. Ken’ichi Matsuyama was amazing -I wish I was “L”- also Ryuk the Reaper was amazing! The CGI was good and the story is really engaging. The best detective story I ever watched! Indeed a rare gem in Japanese cinema.

Shake Rattle & Roll 12 (Philippines, 2010) – Oh our very own! I’m only proud about the last episode of this film actually but the first two episodes are of the “appetizer” level.Even so, this movie is great so read my review about it here -> Shake Rattle and Roll 12 Review.

Deathnote 2: The Last Name  (Japan, 2006)– this film is immensely astonishing when it comes the visuals, angles, story and pacing of the story. The story is carefully thought off that it never gets boring for more than a 2 hour film. It’s just so brilliant I’m lost at words oSuperb acting and CGI for another reaper “REM”.I’m at a loss for words to just praise this film so let me just devote some other time to discuss this on a movie review.Find out who’s name is written on the deathnote with Deathnote 2: The Last Name!

L: Change the World (Japan, 2008) – it took two years before the spin off of Deathnote was released. But it was worth the wait noting what could have happened on the last 20 days of L’s life? Sorry, that was quite of a spoiler. The story is good revealing some other intelligently kick ass characters.Since I’m an “L” fan this is really a must see movie.

The Coffin (Thai/Korea/Singapore, 2008) – This is certainly the weakest among the bunch of movies I’ve watched. The story isn’t really good for a horror film released in 3 different countries. Following the Thai custom to cheat death and rid oneself of bad luck, a man who lays in a coffin for an evening subsequently experiences a series of terrifying incidents. Boring!

Revenge: A Love Story (Hongkong, 2010) – I really didn’t like the thought of watching another REVENGE ridden film.But after watching the dark and action packed trailer – I had it in mind that this is definitely going to be a good watch. The movie was entertaining from start to end, the flashbacks were my favorite parts because I was craving for pieces of puzzles for me to answer the why’s of the film and it didn’t fail.This is a dark movie about unconditional love.

Hello Ghost (South Korea, 2010) – let’s take a break from dark and evil movies and value life more by looking on the sparks of life in a quite spooky but humorously delivered tale of an orphan who met ghosts along the way.Hello Ghost, ranks number one among the movies here. It only proves that not all ghost stories are scary and that some Ghost stays on Earth not for revenge but to do their unfinished businesses.This deserves to be reviewed on another post but then I recommend you to watch this film first!

Tai Hong/Die A Violent Death (Thailand, 2010) – An omnibus film of four stories pulled straight from Thailand’s most gruesome headlines.It was only the first episode the I really liked, the others are completely lame and lack the generic asian horror elements on them.Even so, if you want to learn strangely new stories then you can also watch this film.

Bulong (Philippines, 2011) – although the story was simple, the acting, mix of horror and the comedy latch onto this Filipino film is great.Read my Bulong review here!

The Host (South Korea, 2006) – an intense monster film! It elicits every kind of emotion one should feel in a very urgent situation. A monster emerges from Seoul’s Han River and focuses its attention on attacking people. One victim’s loving family does what it can to rescue her from its clutches. The Host movie is brilliant and the most entertaining movie I have watched in recent years.

So that’s it! My list of the Horror Fantasy movies I watched this Summer 2011.Next time around, I will share to you the romance films I watched this summer. 🙂