One of Star Cinema’s horror film to be released next year is the Xyriel Manabat horror topbiller “Ang Bata Sa Bintana“. From the director who brought this year’s blockbuster horror comedy “Bulong“, comes another Chito S. Roño movie inspired by the title of his 1998 sexy film “Ang Babae Sa Bintana”.


ang bata sa bintana

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Of course, Ang Bata Sa Bintana isn’t going to be a sexy film! What the hell was I thinking? It’s obviously a horror movie,  probably a haunted house horror comedy movie.From the title itself, it looks like Xyriel will once again portray a ghost role like the one she did in the tv series “Momay” (or I might be wrong). But if ever I’m right, the only difference would be that in “Ang Bata Sa Bintana“, Xyriel might portray a vengeful spirit who lives in an old house where she haunts.

I am so excited about this movie, considering Xyriel Manabat is on the lead. Xyriel charmingly captivates me with her witty punches, dramatic talent and cuteness on her leading tv series “100 Days to Heaven” that I cannot wait to see her on the big screen. I hope this movie pushes through! This might be released next year so I’m hoping they would come up with a great story, a big budget and a great mixture of horror and comedy!

Who else do you want to see on “Ang Bata Sa Bintana” movie? And any suggestion about the story?

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