Perhaps the most lovable film I ever watched, this Thai movie entitled “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” is now starting to make the Thai-wave spread around Asia, most especially in the Philippines.


After it premiered (just a while ago) on the Philippine television, dubbed in tagalog. “A Crazy Little Thing Called Love movie” is definitely a movie Filipino filmmakers should all consider making.These kind of movies are the ones which would somehow elevate the film industry.

They kept on saying that we need to produce films that would define “Philippines” yet the films they’re making are all about poverty, crime and prostitution. Are they nuts? Hello? Like those kind of films are so dark, sad and boring. Not that those aren’t real but you know there’s always another end of the spectrum. I believe it’s about time to redefine Filipino movies by helming colorful ones. Movies that would make us fall in love from time to time, tear our hearts apart in the end and make us value life more.

We’re so westernized that maybe it’s about time to look at the films just around Asia.We always compare our films with Hollywood movies and claim that some are of Hollywood standards yet we haven’t even reached halfway there.

Take South Korea for example.We all know that the Korean wave have reached the country and made most of the Filipino teenagers get “in” to it.Why? I have observed 2 things – first they can write great stories and second they cast cute young stars on the lead roles.And that is what Thailand is up to now!

I’m a student myself and I believe with students as the market audience for films – they’ll surely win big time! With that, I mean money-wise.Sorry lang, talagang mukhang pera lang ang iba!

With thai films like “A Crazy Little Thing Called Love“, “Hello Stranger“, “Bangkok Traffic Love Story” – Thai romance films are undoubtedly way better than some of our locally produced movies.And the release of Crazy Little Thing Called Love in the Philippines is a proof that these kind of films can attract international audience.

The biggest mistake Filipino filmmakers has is the mindset of achieving an OSCAR picture by creating drama films.I’m not saying it’s not a good thing but lighter films are more moving than these melodramatic movies.With a crisp storytelling and a surprising end – a movie will always become remarkable.We Filipinos can do better, we can write great stories but its almost always follows the same formula like that of another Filipino romance movie.Back off film outfits! Stop messing on the story.

Another mistake is the mindset of giving mature roles for our young stars…like how old is “Kim Chiu”? She just got 20 this year and the roles they give to her are so mature that she doesn’t look like a young star anymore.Darn it! She’s still young and all.If they were to remake a Pinoy version of A Crazy Little Thing Called Love – she’d be Nam, I tell you! I’m not in favor of a remake though.Hypothetical lang!

So this isn’t really a devoted review for Crazy Little Thing Called Love but a rant on why Filipino movies has been outdone by other Asian countries.

Okay fine, here’s a short review!

Title: First Love (Crazy Little Thing Called Love)
AKA: Sing Lek Lek Thee Riak Wa ΓΓ鼪 Ruk
Year : 2010
Genre: Romance / Comedy
Director : Putthiphong Promsakha na Sakon Nakhon and Wasin Pokpong
Country: Thailand
Starring : Mario Muarer, Pimchanok Luewisedpaiboon, Tukkie

The ordinary 14 year old girl Nam is unattractive or in simple terms…ugly. But she’s always been secretly in love with an older guy in grade 10 called Shone, the most popular student in high-school. He’s hot, perfect and generous, and that’s what makes girls go crazy about him, including Nam too. But she doesn’t give up easily. She tries to do everything to make her get noticed by the boy she loves, in the hope of him turning around to look at her just one more time.

The roles were well executed especially Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol as Nam.Obviously in the near end of the movie, when secrets were revealed – you will realize Mario Maurer really did well throughout the story.He was the eye candy.I like how they conceptualized everything,from the start,  the pacing of the story and the ending.My only gripe is the drastic change of Nam’s appearance.From an ugly duckling, time swallowed her and suddenly she transformed into such a charming lady.While her group of friends remained ugly ducklings until the end. Anyway, the end of the movie was just right to give justice on how most films really ends in Thailand. Well, they’re getting known for that – films with open ending – this is when the end will always have surprises and I believe it was an effective strategy to put off a thrill in the end. A Crazy Little Thing Called Love may not be the best movie I have seen but it is certainly worthy of all the hype!

Watching this will put you on high school nostalgia!