Famed by their wacky dance numbers and crazy comedy antics on the Sunday musical variety show ASAP, the all male group “Kanto Boys” will momentarily leave the small screen to prepare for a bigger screen debut! Kanto Boys movie is on development. Kanto Boys is composed of John Lloyd Cruz, Vhong Navarro, Billy Crawford and Luis Manzano. I was able to do an exclusive interview with one of the members of “Kanto Boys” in a press conference for Biogesic here in Davao.And yes, he’s none other than John Lloyd Cruz!

When asked about his upcoming movies, he said that his next project right after the hit fantaserye Imortal will be the movie with Kanto Boys.And joining them, will be his leading lady for the film – the Princess of Philippine movies Ms. Toni Gonzaga.

He was also asked about if his movie will still be released by Star cinema.John Lloyd Cruz kidded around “Hinde, Regal! No I’m just kidding.Syempre Star Cinema po.”

Based on the 3 movie contract he has signed on December 2009, this will be the last of the 3 films that he will do for Star Cinema.But with the success of his two previous films, Miss You Like Crazy and My Amnesia Girl and the quality of the roles given to him, it certainly won’t be the last of his Star Cinema movies.In fact he assured that he will be renewing again his contract with Star Cinema. 🙂

The genre of the Kanto Boys movie hasn’t been confirmed nor that if it will push through  or not. But then, I strongly believe movie is likely to happen since a year without JLC in a movie sounds nearly impossible! Haha.As of today, it is reported that the movie is still on the scripting phase.

Since it is early to confirm to whether this movie will push through this year or not! I believe it would be much better for us to just suggest on what the movie will be about.I mean, it’s still on its early stages and the story is subject to change.So if I may suggest with all my vivid imagination – let Chito Rono helm the Kanto Boys movie and do a fantasy adventure story about this group!

I’ve gone tired of romance films to be honest (I know, ikaw rin. .), Pak Pak My Dr. Kwak was just a light fantasy and the line up of Star Cinema films this year sounds really boring.They’re mostly drama films (More of RPG Metanoia please?), I mean, the sequel of Here Comes the Bride might have been shelved – *I was expecting for that, really. :(*.

So, I couldn’t see any action packed movie except for the one they co-produced (with Viva) “Private Benjamin”. .the rest – either drama, romance and romcom! Enough! So help me ha? Mag suggest kayo. .I will write down my suggestion on another page! I think it’s about time to share the MOVIE IDEAS that every now and then pops out of my head!